Garcinia Forte Scam

Is Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus a scam?


Garcinia Forte and Cleanse plus are often offered advertised together (usually on facebook), or recommended as a package buy, to promote weight loss in two very different ways.

Both are manufactured by the same company and can be bought online from their respective website. Both have individual, typically glossy websites; but the question is, are they worth the money, and should you buy them?

What is the Garcinia Forte fat burner offer?

This tag team product offer aims to help you lose weight by working on the body in two ways; the concept is to cleanse and detox the body thoroughly, while improving digestion with Cleanse Plus, before moving onto Garcinia Forte in order to utilise its unique fat burning properties while your system is working to its optimum. Read more ›

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Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima

Does Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima really work or are they a scam?

Diet Ultima and Diet Cleanse bottlesDiet Ultima is a weight loss supplement designed to boost metabolism, reduce fat and suppress appetite.

Cleanse Ultima, made by the same company, contains probiotics (good bacteria) designed to break down waste products in the intestines and colon and ease eradication from the body.

It is claimed that Diet Ultima, in conjunction with Cleanse Ultima, provides the perfect aid to those seeking both to lose weight and improve health and well-being. Read more ›

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Skinny Fiber pills

Skinny Fiber review and investigation – Does it really work? 

Skinny-Fiber-pillsSkinny Fiber is a natural weight loss supplement that enables customers to “eat less and feel full”. This claim, made prominently on the labelling, suggests that Skinny Fiber is predominantly an appetite suppressant.

It is manufacturered by a US company that goes by the name of Discovering more about the product takes a little searching since the official website focuses purely on signing up potential customers for a 90 day challenge, which entitles them, amongst other things, to a free tee-shirt, and persuading people to become distributors.

To discover the precise ingredients and potential weight loss benefits of Skinny Fiber, we had to browse the websites of a number of Skinny Fiber distributors, which seem to be key in marketing this product. Read more ›

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Evolution Slimming coupon code

Working coupon codes for Evolution Slimming 2014

evolution-slimming-couponWith already heavily discounted prices, customers of Evolution Slimming can now benefit from a further 10% OFF their order.

Simply enter the code WGSLIM10 on the checkout page once you have selected your purchases.

And with some online prices already slashed by up to 50%, this code enables customers to buy products at rock-bottom prices. Read more ›

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Nutriberry slim

Is the Nutriberry Slim free trial a scam?

nutriberry-slimNutriBerry Slim is billed as a product which will help you to “lose weight automatically, without having to think about it”. It is claimed that it will suppress appetite, burn fat, and make you feel better, without making changes to diet and lifestyle.

What’s more, the manufacturers are offering customers a “risk-free trial bottle”, which suggests they can try the product for free, and purchase further supplies only if the trial proves effective. Sounds too good to be true? It probably is.

What are the ingredients of NutriBerry Slim and are they effective?

NutriBerry Slim contains three active ingredients, each of which has some scientific support for its weight-loss properties. Read more ›

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Meratrim diet pill, Is it any good and do we recommended it?

Meratrim diet pill review – can it really help you to lose weight in just 2 weeks?

meratrim-diet-pill-reviewPopular talk show host Dr Oz, is a favourite among dieters. He regularly features the latest in weight-loss world news on his hit TV show, and either justifies or debunks myths and speculation surrounding certain supplements.

It has become a hard and fast rule in the dieting world that if Dr Oz says it works, then it probably will. His latest test subject was BioGenetic Laboratories, Meratrim (or MeraTrim) which received plenty of praise as a natural slimming aid.

Meratrim Ingredients

Meratrim is a blend of two natural ingredients, Sphaeranthus Indicus and the flower Garcinia Mangostana. Dr Oz describes the pill as a ‘fat blocking supplement’ and advises that it is taken before breakfast and dinner. Read more ›

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