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Which is the best appetite suppressant for me?

One of the reasons why many diets never seem to get off the ground is often due to a simple dieting paradox – eating less makes you hungry!

By reducing calories to lose weight you end up with cravings and are more inclined to snack, therefore undoing your hard work.

By using a good effective appetite suppressant you can stave off any unnecessary hunger and stick to your calorie controlled diet without cravings.

How do appetite suppressants work?

Appetite suppressants generally work by manipulating hormones and chemical processes in the body to persuade the brain that the stomach is currently full and as a result you are not hungry. Diet pills which work in this way are known as “anorectics” from the Greek word “anorektos” which means “without appetite”.

The natural way your body tells your brain that you’ve had enough to eat, is by releasing a chemical called cholecystokinin once food reaches your intestinal tract. This chemical turns down feelings of hunger and turns up sensations of being full. Appetite suppressants work by using substitute chemicals (natural or drug classification) to perform a similar task.

Below is our pick of three of the best natural appetite suppressants available in Australia, each known for their effectiveness, positive user feedback, natural ingredients and lack of any unwanted side effects.

The combined appetite suppressant and fat burner

Our Rating  9/10

Phen375-most-popularDieting and losing weight is by no means easy, with many diets lasting just several days before temptation creeps in and takes over.

Phen375 understand this predicament and not only have they created a powerful appetite suppressant, but also provide a helpful diet book to make sure your diet gets off to a flying start.

The mix of fat-burning and appetite suppressing ingredients in Phen375, such as L-carnitine and capsaicin, work to curb cravings and help with boosting your energy levels when dieting.

phen375-customer-reviewsCustomer feedback is exceptionally good for a non-prescription diet supplement, with a huge amount of credible testimonials, countless before and after photos and user-submitted videos.

The refreshing thing here is that the manufacturer welcome as much feedback as possible.

The vast majority of users cite reduced appetite, less snacking and overeating, and more energy throughout the day.

Learn more about Phen375 here

The original natural appetite suppressant

Our Rating  8/10

unique-hoodia boxHoodia has been identified as the worlds most effective natural appetite suppressant, used for centuries by South African hunters to prevent hunger during long hunts.

This unique cactus plant extract is the key ingredient used in UniqueHoodia. Hoodia has the ability to trick your brain into thinking that you are full.

The molecule within Hoodia Gordonii, which is commonly known as P57, triggers the section of your brain called the Hypothalamus into sensing you have eaten, thus curbing your appetite. UniqueHoodia also contains the ingredient Bioperine which helps your digestion absorb the supplement more efficiently.


Each recommended serving of 3 tablets contains a whopping 1454mg of Hoodia Gordonii, this supplement is also free from any artificial compounds, fillers or preservatives.

Available to buy from the official website with a month’s supply costing around £35.

Buy UniqueHoodia online from the official website

The appetite control spray

Our Rating 7/10

fullfast spray bottleFullfast is a great place to start if you are a newcomer to diets or have tried numerous diets to no avail.

They are interested in tailor making their customers diet plan to find what works for their personal desired weight loss.

By entering key information about yourself on the official website, they will suggest which of their products will suit you and for what time scale you will need to use them for.

Furthermore, they have a team of Nutritionists who will help you design meal plans, provide you with tips on dieting and send weekly pointers and advice via email.

Their product system is three-fold consisting of an appetite control spray, chewing gum and a metabolism increasing daily tablet. Fullfast advise that you pump the spray under your tongue at regular intervals during the day as well as chew the gum to suppress your appetite.

The tablet is clinically proven to increase your metabolism to help you reduce your body weight.

Their one month programme will not be a cheap investment at around £115 but it is specifically designed to your needs and promises to help you lose your desired weight in the required time.

The Fullfast spray on its own (without the programme) is around £23.95 for one months supply. While feedback is great, the cost might put some off and means we have to put this in our “last but not least” of our round up.


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