Choosing the right diet pill

How do I choose the right diet pill for me?

woman-choosing-pillsIf you are a would-be dieter in the market for some assistance from the plethora of weight-loss supplements and diet pills out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety that is available.

It’s important to have the right information to hand before you begin your search, making sure that the supplement or medication you chose is not only the right one for you, but that it will also give you the results you expect.

Today’s arena of fat fighting is equipped with all manner of products; appetite suppressants, carb blockers, fat binders and fat burners, and now even fruit-based supplements. All designed to help you lose weight, but all in very different ways.

The following categories are the most common type of diet pill and a brief explanation of how they work, we have added links to our main guides so you can discover more about the tpye of supplement that interests you.

Dual Action Diet Pills

These tend to be the most popular choice of diet pill as they work in two different ways, firstly they help to suppress the appetite and make you feel fuller for longer, which in turn helps you to retrain your eating habits by gradually reducing portion sizes.

Secondly they work to boost the metabolism, increasing the rate at which calories are burnt, and helping you to stay more active throughout the day.

The most popular dual action supplement…Phen375

bottles of phen375Phen375 uses a unique blend of ingredients clinically proven to suppress appetite and boost metabolism.

This supplement has remained popular over the years thanks to its excellent customer feedback, money back guarantee and high quality ingredients.

Click here to read more about Phen375

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite Suppressants are available either on prescription from your GP or over the counter at most pharmacies. In the case of prescription based appetite suppressants, your GP will first of all need to carry out a full assessment of any weight related health issues that you may have before seriously considering the advantages and disadvantages of such medication.

These types of drugs will contain ingredients such as Phentermine; a powerful psychostimulant that is designed to trigger chemical messages from the brain that reduce hunger and release adrenaline, causing fat cells to break down stored fat.

Their over-the-counter equivalent are generally much safer (albeit less effective), with far less risk of side effects. They work instead on the stomach, using typically natural ingredients that leave the user feeling fuller for longer while regulating blood sugar levels. Yerba mate, guarana, damiana, glucomman and prickly pear are all common ingredients.

If you find it difficult to reduce calorie intake without feeling constantly hungry, you may find that an appetite suppressant can be a good option. Read our guide on appetite suppressants.

Recommended appetite suppressant – Fullfast

fullfastThe worlds first appetite suppressing spray – Fullfast has recently been doing the rounds on various weight loss blogs and certain British newspapers, with its novel approach of being sprayed on the tongue between meals.

The claim is the spray can delay hunger by several hours and prevents users from overeating and helps resist reaching for snacks.

Carbohydrate Blockers

Carb Blockers are a recent addition yet are now commanding a big share of the diet pill market. The active ingredient is usually phaselous vulgarus, an extract of the white kidney bean. This works to block the enzyme in the stomach that digests starch and, therefore, reduces the body’s carbohydrate intake.

Much more research is needed into these types of supplements however, both into their actual effectiveness and any possible side effects. We recently added a full investigation into carbohydrate blockers.

meratol-blankBlock 66% of your Carbohydrates with Meratol

Meratol is the latest in a long line of recently released products to take advantage of this new method of weight loss, which already has a huge following over in the UK and US.

Read the full Meratol review here

Fat Binders

Fat Binders, as the name suggests, literally ‘bind the fat’ in the digestive tract, stopping it from being absorbed. They are taken with food and work immediately, any extra fat is expelled from the body with your normal bowel movements.

This does, however, have its disadvantages; a particularly high fat intake can lead to oily stools, diarrhoea and headaches.

Proactol Plus – the natural fat binder

proactol-plus-boxThose looking for an effective and natural fat binder should put Proactol Plus high on their list, this cactus based diet pill has been shown in clinical trials to bind up to 28% of dietary fat.

Read the full Proactol Plus review

Thermogenics/Fat Burners

Fat Burners are the most common form of weight-loss supplement on the market. These are designed to speed up metabolism through thermogenesis while increasing the body’s energy levels in order to achieve drastic weight loss.

By review, the effectiveness of these types of supplement varies greatly and their association with side effects such as jitteriness, tachycardia and anxiety, as a result of typically high caffeine content, is off-putting.

Capsiplex – Burn an extra 278 calories a day

Capsiplex (4)The general advice is to opt for fat burners which use natural stimulants such as green tea, guarana or the increasingly popular capsicum extract – a compound taken from chilli which can help you burn 10-12x more calories each day.

Capsiplex is perhaps the most well known supplement to take advantage of this ingredient.

Fruit Power

Although the benefit of fruit is not a new concept by any means, there is a new world of exotic, weight-loss enhancing supplements out there today that have, in clinical studies, proven to have a positive effect on the metabolism.

Another up side to these types of diet pills is that they also have an abundance of antioxidants and an often vitamin rich content that promotes general good health and wellbeing at the same time as assisting with weight-loss.

Raspberry Ketone – The ‘miracle’ superfruit recommended by Dr.Oz

raspberry-ketone-plus-bottleAcai Berry, Raspberry Ketones and African Mango have all stood up well to clinical tests so far and as more research is carried out, there are still many diet-pill aficionados’ out there that believe these fruit based supplements are the future of weight loss medication.

Read more about Raspberry Ketone here

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