2 Day Coconut Detox review

Can you really lose weight with the 2 Day Coconut Detox diet plan?

2 day coconut detox bottleNaturopathica’s 2 Day Coconut Detox plan, described on its website as a ‘FatBlaster programme’, claims to ‘flush away toxins’, reduce bloating and rejuvenate the body in just two days. In addition, it is suggested users will notice clearer skin, increased energy levels and concentration, and improved digestion.

In reality, the 2 Day Coconut Detox plan is a variant of the 5:2 diet, otherwise known as intermittent fasting, which has attracted plenty of media hype in recent months.

The manufacturer’s advertised results will not be achieved in just two days, but may be attained by following the programme on two days each week over a period of months or years. This article investigates the value of this product in terms of effectiveness, safety and cost.

So what’s in the formula? – The 2-day coconut detox plan recommends that food is replaced on two days each week with a specially formulated drink made up of the following ingredients; water, coconut water concentrate (20%), coconut cream (10%), apple concentrate (5.5%), pineapple concentrate (2.8%), acai (0.1%), goji (0.14%) as well as various preservatives, stabilisers and emulsifiers.

Is coconut an effective weight loss ingredient?

At first sight, it seems far fetched that coconut could be a useful tool in fighting the flab, since it is rich in saturated fat (generally regarded as unhealthy).

However, there is growing evidence to suggest that it is chemically different to other saturated fats since it consists mainly of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) rather than the unhealthy long-chain triglycerides (LCTs).

MCTs are digested quickly and immediately used up as energy whilst LCTs hang around much longer and are stored in fat tissue.

Whilst one piece of research published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2002, suggested that coconut oil may have a small beneficial effect on weight loss, others have claimed that its high calorific content makes this unlikely, pointing out that coconut oil contains 120 calories per tablespoon, which could have a significant detrimental effect upon dieting.

Coconut cream (similar to coconut milk but containing less water) is less calorific than coconut oil, but there is even less published research assessing its weight-loss properties.

Naturopathica suggest that their specially formulated coconut detox contains virtually fat-free coconut water, derived from the young coconut, combined with the “thermogenic power of MCTs found in mature coconut”.

The website says nothing about the fat content of the coconut cream, so dieters should exercise caution. The manufacturer also boasts the proven health benefits of the acai and goji fruits, though as the 2-day Coconut Detox contains only very small quantities of each (0.1% and 0.14% respectively) those benefits are likely to be small.

What are customers saying about 2-day coconut detox?

The manufacturer’s website contains testimonials from a number of ‘customers’ extolling the virtues of this detox programme. Unsurprisingly, no negative feedback is published here.

On other websites reviews are mixed, the product achieving an average 2.7 out of 5 from a large sample of customers. Some claim the product is both delicious and highly effective; others find it too sweet and report no weight loss.

customer reviews

Are there any side effects?

Adverse side effects from customers include headaches, day-time tiredness and insomnia, all of which are quite commonly reported with fasting.


BulletGreenTick The product contains a number of natural ingredients which are known to be beneficial to health and which limited research suggests may aid weight-loss.

BulletGreenTick 2 day Coconut Detox is widely available and can be purchased at a reduced price from some websites.


BulletRedCross The manufacturer’s website includes no links to scientific research proving that this product is effective.

BulletRedCross A significant number of customers who have used the product experienced side effects, albeit of a relatively minor nature.

Is the 2-day Coconut Detox worth buying?

2-day-coconut-detoxThe cost of this product is not cheap: depending upon the retailer, costs vary from $30-35 for 750ml.

Since users are advised to take three 125ml helping on each of two ‘fast’ days per week, one container of coconut detox would last just one week.

Dr Oz, the famous American TV doctor suggests that those who favour the 5:2 diet could create their own nutritious and effective detox formulation from fresh fruit and vegetables, supplemented with vitamins and minerals, for just $16, using an ordinary kitchen blender.

On balance, until such time as credible research proves the effectiveness of the Coconut Detox programme, it is probably sensible to follow the advice of Dr Oz.

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