Appatrol review

What is Appatrol and does it actually work?

Appatrol-reviewAppatrol is described as a powerful appetite suppressant that claims to have been subjected to no less than 14 separate studies into its ingredients and their effectiveness.

The official site for the brand states that the pill should be used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise, but claims Appatrol uses the ‘best of nature’s ingredients to help with appetite suppression, fat burning and increased energy and stamina.”

The site goes on the quote several statements from the studies that appear to have been conducted, but unfortunately doesn’t offer any links to them individually, making it difficult to verify their validity.

How does Appatrol work?

Appatrol’s ingredients list is a little hard to find; the main ingredient appears to be Caralluma, a relatively new addition to an ever growing list of natural weight-loss supplements.


Caralluma is rumoured to have been eaten in India for centuries, particularly during times of famine, as a natural appetite suppressant and fat burner thanks to its ability to block the enzyme, Citrate Lyase.

According to the manufacturer, a study into the effectiveness of Caralluma showed that over 60% of those taking the extract in the trial lost an average of 6lbs in the first month. Now, call us slightly cynical, but neither of those figures are particularly outstanding, particularly for those participating in regular exercise and eating healthily.

green tea3Green Tea

According to the very well hidden ingredients list, Appatrol also contains Green Tea extract, known as a powerful antioxidant that is also capable of speeding up the metabolism considerably.

Green Tea has been used effectively in several trials, however, Appatrol’s website states itself that due to the caffeine content in Green Tea, it is included in its formula in very small quantities; as a result, it’s unlikely that these quantities would have a great deal of effect on any successful weight-loss.

Appatrol side effects – Warnings about the product

Bitter Orange, or Citrus Aurantium, is also listed as an ingredient, and a controversial one at that; this particular ingredient has long since been the subject of debates surrounding its safety and is considered to be the cause of several nasty side effects, including heart palpitations and anxiety.

info3Appatrol’s other ingredients are listed as Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate; both considered highly effective weight-loss supplements and Garcinia Cambogia especially has made its own name in the diet pill world.

Since Appatrol don’t offer any information regarding any of its ingredients quantities, it’s impossible to know whether or not they would be effective, but given the amount of other substances in its formula, and their ‘bottom of the pile’ listing on the website, it’s fair to say that they are included in small amounts, and therefore, probably wont be very effective, despite their solid reputations.

What do the customers say?

appatrol-customer-reviews2Independent customer reviews for Appatrol are few and far between, but that maybe the result of its recent introduction to the market. On Amazon’s customer review page, the only review listed gave the brand a rather disappointing one out of five.

The official Appatrol website gives a very different story, with its own testimonials giving the pills an impressive five out of five overall.

While these reviews appear to be genuine, and the site does allow customers to submit their own testimonials, it’s unclear as to whether or not these are vetted before being added the site; they seem all together cherry picked when compared to other reviews on the brand elsewhere online.


BulletGreenTick  While the formula does contain some very well known and well tested ingredients, there is no definitive list or quantities or much detailed information regarding exactly how they work. It’s also unclear whether the Appatrol blend itself has been trialled, since any information the site does offer references ingredient specific studies.


BulletRedCross  The reviews on the company’s site are all positive, but they are likley to have been specifically selected to show the brand in a positive light; there is little in the way of positive feedback elsewhere on the internet.

BulletRedCross  Perhaps most worrying, however, is the dubious money back guarantee that is offered with Appatrol. Reading the small print surrounding the offer, it seems awfully difficult to actually claim this refund and the company will certainly make you jump through a few hoops before they even consider you for a full refund, and even then, they state themselves that this refund is not in-fact 100% guaranteed.

AppatrolIs it worth it?
Our Rating : 1.5 stars(1.5/5)

Unfortunately the brand is far too vague about its product and what it contains and how it works. The inclusion of bitter orange also is a big negative for this brand, as there have been reports of serious side effects with this ingredient.

Crucially, the distinct lack of positive feedback anywhere other than the company’s site itself means its hard to give any sort of recommendation for this product.

Appatrol Alternatives…Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia ExtraThe one ingredient that does show promise in the Appatrol formulation is Garcinia Cambogia – a 100% natural plant extract which has shown in various clinical studies to successfully suppress appetite and burn body fat.

Guidelines suggest that a daily dose of around 1000mg is needed before any of the benefits from Garcinia are experienced.

Unfortunately its not clear how much Garcinia is included in Appatrol as full ingredient information is not provided. (due to the long list of other ingredients its likely to be a minimal amount).

One option is to opt for a supplement such as Garcinia Extra, which contains an optimal 1000mg serving of Garcinia and also includes 200mg raspberry ketone.

Read more about Garcinia supplements in our guide here


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