Capsiplex diet pill review – does it work?

capsiplex (7)Capsiplex is a dietary capsule which uses Capsicum as its active ingredient. Capsicum is the red hot pepper, often used to add flavour in cooking, which has been shown to be both a safe and effective nutritional weight-loss aid.

It has been demonstrated in clinical studies that Capsiplex users burn significantly more calories (278 calories to be exact) than those taking a placebo. The additional calories are burned before, during and after exercise.

To replicate these results without taking Capsiplex it is claimed you would need to eat 10g of red peppers every day for several weeks, which would probably benefit neither health nor social life!

See what UK soap star Roxanne Pallett has to say about Capsiplex here:

How does it work?

The key ingredients in Capsiplex are Capsicum Extract, Niacin, Caffeine and Piperine. This blend of ingredients increases the metabolic rate and burns fat and carbohydrates.

The product also claims antioxidant properties: it lowers cholesterol, blood triglycerides and glucose as well as reducing fat cells in the liver. An additional benefit, according to clinical studies, is enhanced endurance during exercise, and faster recovery following exercise.

Manufacturers claim that lazy dieters will benefit from this product since increased calories will be burned even without exercise. It is suggested that this product is suitable for ‘alternate day’ dieting, where users restrict their calorific intake every other day without permanently changing their diet.

Capsiplex: the evidence

CAPSIPLEX NEWSIt is never advisable to take any diet pill without first checking out its safety and effectiveness. Capsiplex draws support from a number of clinical trials, supplemented by a host of published articles written on the value of Capsicum as an aid to weight-loss.

According to scientists at the University of Oklahoma, participants taking Capsiplex burned an average 278 more calories before, during and after exercising on a treadmill for one hour as compared to participants taking a placebo.

Impressively, Capsiplex users enjoyed a 7.5% increase in oxygen intake during exercise, and used more energy, without feeling they were over-exerting themselves.

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Is Capsiplex safe?

Because Capsicum is what gives red peppers their ‘hotness’, care needs to be taken in handling Capsicum Extract since it can cause discomfort when inhaled or when it comes into contact with the skin.

What the manufacturers have done is to design a capsule with an inner core that prevents release of the Capsicum Extract until it has travelled from the stomach to the intestine, where the Capsicum is broken down entirely without causing any discomfort.


Capsiplex has been endorsed by a number of celebrities, the most recent of which is model Nicola McClean. The official website contains testimonials from less famous mortals, both female and male. Typical reviews include one from ‘Adam’:


Is it worth buying?

Perhaps the most striking feature of this product is the strength of the scientific evidence which suggests Capsiplex could play an important role in supporting attempts to lose weight. Capsicum, its key ingredient, has been proved to be effective in increasing the metabolism and burning calories.

buy-capsiplexThe manufacturers suggest the product will be helpful even without lifestyle change; if combined with a regime of exercise the results appear to be very impressive indeed.

Where to order?

Following the huge success of this product there has been a number of copycat/fake supplements doing the rounds. Our advice is to head to the official manufacturers website which can be found below.

Visit the Official Capsiplex store here

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