Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima

Does Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima really work or are they a scam?

Diet Ultima and Diet Cleanse bottlesDiet Ultima is a weight loss supplement designed to boost metabolism, reduce fat and suppress appetite.

Cleanse Ultima, made by the same company, contains probiotics (good bacteria) designed to break down waste products in the intestines and colon and ease eradication from the body.

It is claimed that Diet Ultima, in conjunction with Cleanse Ultima, provides the perfect aid to those seeking both to lose weight and improve health and well-being.

Which company is behind Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima?

The two products are manufactured by a company named Super Ketone Nutraceuticals Limited. Its biggest markets appear to be the US and the UK, though the company is based in the Netherlands (address: Postbus 13, 6670AA ZETTEN, Netherlands).

It is difficult to discover much information about the parent company by online searching, though there are indications that the same company may use a variety of different trading names. Online searches combining both company and product produce a plethora of complaints, not so much about the products, but about the company’s sales strategy (see below).

The official diet ultima and cleanse ultima website

The official Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima websites

Are these two products likely to be effective weight-loss supplements?

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry Ketone is the main ingredient

The active ingredient in Diet Ultima is claimed to be Raspberry Ketone, and there is some scientific evidence that at high levels (1000mg +) this ingredient can significantly help weight loss.

In Diet Ultima, raspberry ketone is teamed with green coffee, garcinia cambogia, citrus aurantium and white kidney bean.

Most of the ingredients listed for this product are supported by scientific research. Raspberry ketone increases the levels of fat cells lost from the body by altering lipid metabolism (though at levels below 1000mg its effect will be negligible).

Green coffee beans contain high levels of chlorogeic acid which inhibits glucose absorption and encourages the body to burn more fat. Garcinia cambogia is thought to be an effective fat burner, and white kidney beans are claimed to block carbohydrates.

alertThe ingredient that causes concern however, is the inclusion of citrus aurantium (bitter orange): supplements containing this ingredient have been linked to serious side effects and some deaths, and on that basis it is surprising it has been included in the product.

Are they clinically proven?

woman-weight-lossWhilst there is scientific evidence that most of the ingredients in Diet Ultima are capable of aiding weight-loss, there is absolutely no evidence that this product will help.

That is because absolutely no information is given on the quantity of any ingredient. Clinical trials demonstrate that raspberry ketone is effective only where at least 1000mg is ingested each day; optimum levels are also suggested for green coffee.

Without knowing the dosages of these ingredients in Diet Ultima it is impossible to assess whether the product has any weight loss properties. The inclusion of citrus aurantium suggests that it is a product to avoid.

Information on the Cleanse Ultima website is even less helpful: in terms of ingredients the suggestion is that the product contains natural herbs and powerful antioxidants, but since no list of any specific ingredients is included, Cleanse Ultima cannot be assessed either for potential as a weight-loss tool, or for safety.

Where to buy Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima

Scam AlertA google search for either product will produce many websites through which you can “claim your bottle” today.

Be warned: this is NOT a “Risk Free Trial” as the wording might suggest.

If you follow the link and sign up for this offer, you will be authorising the company to debit your bank account for the full cost of the product, plus shipping, and to continue to debit your account every 30 days until such time as you successfully withdraw from the ‘autoship’ programme.

The company will no doubt be quite canny in the timing of the first shipment: by the time you receive the product you will have less than 7 days to cancel before the next amount disappears from your account – and online discussions suggest that contacting the company within those 7 days could prove challenging!


  • Diet Ultima apparently includes a number of ingredients that have proved effective weight loss tools


  • No information is provided on the dosages in either product, and not even a list of ingredients is provided for Cleanse Ultima
  • Diet Ultima is said to contain citrus aurantium, which can cause serious side effects
  • The company operates an autoship programme: by signing up on the website, customers agree to the company debiting their bank account every thirty days for the full cost of the product, plus shipping costs.

Are Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima worth buying?

For all the reasons above, the answer to that question has to be a resounding “NO”. Companies that offer quality products are happy to tell their customers precisely what those products contain and will provide them with useful scientific data to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Those companies don’t need to operate autoship programmes, which con customers into believing they are benefitting from a free product trial. When a company’s marketing strategy uses autoship, disguised as a ‘risk free trial’, the product is very unlikely to aid weight-loss, though the customer’s bank account is likely to end up considerably lighter!

The message for those who are considering taking advantage of this ‘risk-free trial’: think again!  For those who have already been duped into accepting the offer and are now trying desperately to cancel: Phone +44 203 697 4624 to cancel either product, or email or

Garcinia Extra BottlesIs there a better alternative?

Stick with a good quality supplement which contains a proven amount of a proven fat burning ingredient. Our pick would have to be the excellent Garcinia Extra which also contains added Raspberry Ketone to help banish cravings and further boost the metabolism.

You can read more about Garcinia Extra in our recent review here.

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