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Farrah Abraham is the new face of Raspberry Tones

farrah-abraham-bikiniHot off the gossip-mill this week is the news that MTV Reality TV star, Farrah Abraham, has signed a six figure endorsement deal with popular diet pill brand, Raspberry Tones.

Farrah shot to fame a few years ago when she appeared on the U.S reality TV show, Teen Mom.

Following the release of her recent sex tape, the teeny tiny Teen Mom was pictured in a skimpy bikini, which is said to have prompted Raspberry Tones interest in her as the face of their new diet pill.

A representative from Raspberry Tones has been quoted as saying:
“Farrah represents a growing audience of young, active people who take care of their health and use only natural products to look and feel great. Farrah looks fit and fabulous, and takes care of her body, and a lot of health-conscious people can look up to that.”

Watch Farrah’s video testimonial here:

What are Raspberry ketones and how do they work?

Raspberry Tones is just one of many Raspberry Ketone supplements that have surfaced in recent months both in the US and UK.

As promoted by Dr Oz on his well known talk show, Raspberry Ketone itself is a completely natural supplement that promotes the body’s production of Adiponectin, a protein hormone that helps to control several metabolic functions, including the intake and break down of glucose.

Raspberry tones websiteAs well as Raspberry Ketone, the Raspberry Tones brand also contains African Mango, Green Tea, Kelp and Apple Cider Vinegar; all proven ingredients in the diet pill stakes and, in the correct doses, very effective ways to help you shift unwanted weight safely.

Unfortunately, nowhere on the Raspberry Tones official website does it state the actual amounts of these ingredients in each pill, so it’s difficult to confirm whether the Raspberry Tones blend would be potent enough to get rid of any serious weight.

On the plus side the brand is registered with the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration), and this reasonably priced weight-loss supplement is 100% natural so there should be no risk of any nasty side effects; Farrah herself even stated in her first promo video for Raspberry Tones that she “is a big fan of all-natural ingredients”.

raspberry-tones-bottleThe former reality TV star has credited the Raspberry Tones brand as helping her keep in shape while she is a busy mum to her four year old daughter, along with Hydro Yoga and Pole Fitness.

Raspberry Tones states very clearly on its website that the supplement is not intended to be a miracle fix, the company fully encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise alongside a calorie controlled diet. Raspberry Tones are designed to support and promote this type of weight-loss.

Alternatives worth considering – Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus bottle most popularThere is little denying raspberry ketones are a great way to boost the metabolism in a natural and safe way, however finding a good product with a recommended dosage of 200mg can be difficult.

One of the better brands we have encountered recently is Raspberry Ketone Plus which ticks all the right boxes for purity, quantity and price.

It was also the subject of a FOX news report which reported it as one of the most talked about weight loss products this year.

Get the facts and find out where to buy in our review

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