Fat Blaster

Do the weight loss benefits of Fat Blaster outweigh the reported user side effects?

What is Fat Blaster?

fat-blaster-boxWinner of the Australian Journal of Pharmacy Award for The Best OTC (over-the-counter) health product, Fat Blaster is a dietary supplement.

It is used to promote weight-loss through boosting energy levels, raising stamina and suppressing the appetite when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What’s in the formula and how does it work?

Ingredients include Gurana, Psyllium Husks, Elemental Chromium and Vitamins B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin) and B12 (Cyanacobalamin).

Fat Blaster claims to work by stimulating the process of thermogenesis within the body; this reaction is said to accelerate the metabolism leading to the burning of energy and fat and calories which would otherwise be stored in the body.



The inclusion of Guarana in the Fat Blaster product, a natural herbal Caffeine which has previously been linked to the thermogenic process, could provide the required metabolic stimulation to help encourage weight loss.

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husks are recognised as a water-absorption ingredient which will help provide a feeling of “fullness” and satiety as it will slow down the gastric process and aid in the stabilisation of blood-sugar levels. This ingredient has also been linked to the potential to lower rates of cholesterol in the body.




Chromium is also included and is another method of appetite suppression, as it helps to maintain the levels of insulin in the body and regulate blood glucose.

What do the experts say?

Dr Alvin Ibarra trialled clinical studies on the key ingredient Svetol – used in the formulation of the Fat Blaster Max capsules. Svetol contains chlorogenic acid-bearing green coffee extract, this ingredient was used on participants in a double-blind placebo study.

clinical-studiesAt the conclusion of the trial Dr Ibarra claimed that those using Svetol had lost twice as much weight as those in the control placebo group.

However, this is in direct contrast to another trial conducted by the International Journal of
Obesity Related Disorders who gave participants 200mg of Svetol daily over 24 weeks; the findings reported that they lost no more weight than those taking placebo’s.

What do customers have to say?

Testimonials from satisfied users taken from the official website include comments from an individual who describes herself as a “yummy mummy” who lost 11kg and the gentleman who “transformed my blubber” with weight-loss of 20kg; perhaps most impressive is the user who stated that “my life has changed beyond my wildest dreams” since losing 26kgs whilst following a diet and exercise routine supported by Fat Blaster.

Rather less complementary comments can be found from other (non-affiliated) sources including one stating that after following 1,200 calories per day diet and taking the Fat Blaster supplements for 6 weeks the user had been forced to give up as the high Caffeine content in the capsules had led to severe nausea.

Other former users have also commented on the instances of severe headaches and migraine experienced when using the product; possibly the most disturbing statement is from someone who claimed that “after 4 weeks I thought I was going nuts. Had trouble coping with things and feelings of anger and despair”.

The manufacturers of Fat Blaster – Naturopathica (owned by CathMedia Pty Ltd) state on their website that customers can receive a full refund within 7 days of purchase if they are unhappy with the product; however they insist that packaging must be unopened and intact!

tick  The ingredients included in the supplement promises to aid the process of thermogenesis, allowing the body to shed more weight through fat and calorie burning than could be lost through diet and exercise alone.
cross  Reported side effects range from hypertension, nausea and migraines to instances of paranoia and mental distress.

Dosage and Price

The recommended dosage of Fat Blaster is 1-2 capsules taken with water 3 times daily immediately prior to meals or exercise. The standard Fat Blaster capsules are available from $39.95 for 1 month supply of 60 capsules and the Fat Blaster Max from $49.95 for 60 capsules.

Is Fat Blaster worth buying?
Overall rating : (2.5)

fat-blaster-boxThere is some real conflicting information circulating about this product online, while the manufacturer claims its the best thing since sliced bread, some consumers have taken to forums and blogs to leave some fairly strong negative feedback.

Clinical evidence as to its effectiveness is also sketchy at best, with some reports that it can help user lose weight and others saying there is no evidence whatsoever.

Fat Blaster Alternatives – which products really work?

best-fat-burnersThe jury really is out on Fat Blaster, with our own research leaving us more confused and unable to give any real recommendation.

Perhaps a case of buyer beware, with far better alternatives available for potential buyers.

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36 comments on “Fat Blaster
  1. Jenny says:

    I have been using FatBlaster Max for half a week now. Ever since taking it I have felt angry, a little depressed and have found myself crying while watching silly things on TV that I would not normally cry about. I did feel nausea when I had my morning cappuccino combined with 2 FB tabs so had to cut down on my normal caffeine intake. I also find I can’t sleep properly so decided to skip the dinner dose which helped. It did give me more energy at the gym but I’m not sure that feeling angry and distressed is worth a burning those few extra calories.

  2. jane says:

    Bad headaches shame because i can feel other benefits

  3. Yvonne says:

    I’ve taken fat blaster for 3 days, I’ve found my appitite to have increased dramatically and I can’t stop eating. I am so very tired, I have no energy and I’m constipated. I have actually put on more weight so very quickly, not a happy camper at all and that is only 1 tablet 3 times a day.

  4. Kathy says:

    I totally disagree, I find it great, I certainly eat less & feel less like eating sweet things.
    I also get a happy contented feeling after about 10 mins of taking 2 pills.

    I strongly recommend the fat blaster max.

    I am going back on them again as i have just returned from a 7 week holiday.

  5. robbie says:

    i have been using these for years with no side effects whatso ever, they work well used with common sense, this is not to say others may have different results.

  6. Nusrat parveen says:

    Is it safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding time? Have any idea anyone? Plss anyone reaply me. Thanx

  7. Maddie says:

    I started using fat blaster max 2 months ago now. As a teen weight is very important to me. Not only have I lost weight with regular usage of fat blaster max, a healthy diet and 30 min of exercise a day, but it also works when I forget to take it as well! It has boosted my metabolism so that one snack here or there won’t harm me and I still loose weight! It’s amazing I am in love!

    The only downside was that I was experiencing headaches for the first 2 weeks. But that quickly went away during the 3rd week and hasn’t been back since.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially people who can stick to regular diet and exercise

  8. Melissa says:

    This product sounded like a good idea at the time. A friend recommended it, but i noticed over the next couple of months i was suffering a lot of anxiety and depression despite losing weight. The same thing happened with my friend who’d recommended it and we both stopped using it. Great for weight loss, terrible for your mental health…..

  9. Ro says:

    To give you a bit of a background, I was 93.5 kgs in Jan 2013 and by November I’d managed to bring it down to 77kgs (I used Jenny Craig Meals + 2 PT session at the gym + 1 Spin class). Sadly I kinda started cheating with my diet in November so in the first week of Jan I was at 83kgs.

    I want to get back to between 76 – 79 kgs, so I thought of giving fat balster max a try.

    I bought it 3 days ago but didn’t actually try it cause I was worried after reading reviews that people couldn’t sleep and that it caused anxiety.

    So I decided to NOT use it 3 times a day as recommended and instead try it exactly 30 mins before each workout instead. That seemed to work. I’m now only using it 3 times a week and only 30 minutes before my workout.

    After my 2nd dose I’m already at 81 kgs (down 2kgs this week).

    I only plan to continue taking this till I get just under 79 kgs and then stop taking it or till I’ve taken 10 tablets, which ever is sooner.

    I’m not entirely convinced that this is safe.

    Ps. After each tablet before I actually start my workout I do feel quite anxious and jittery.

  10. miranda says:

    Im on my second day of taking them, and ive found that when i finish my workout im abit nauseous and my body feels like its tensed and tight. Other then that im okay? Hoping i dont get headaches. My appetite is normal. And feeling less hungry

  11. naomi says:

    I have been taking fat blaster maxx on and off for years. I find it definitely works and I take 3 tablets 3 times a day. I have found the key is to exercise, then I dont get the side effects. I find I only need to take them for about a week before I start noticing big changes. These tablets really need to be used in conjunction with exercise to get the full benefit. I will continue to take them when I need to.

  12. kaye says:

    I have been on fatblaster max for about two weeks now 2 three times a day. I have lost 2kg with no side affects. I find they are working better than other tabs I have tried.

  13. Shenae says:

    So people who take this product and claim that there is no difference whatsoever obviously don’t excerise enough. It takes hard work to lose weight and you have to be 100% committed. These tablets with a combination of protein shakes and energy fuels works really well!

  14. Rob says:

    I’m 97 kg wanting to get to around 75, in three months of gym and diet I got to 97 from 122. I need to lose it quicker than working out for my career. Even after reading mixed reviews thought I would try for myself. Safer than other options such as clen or hydroxycut. Day 1 today will re post in two weeks!

  15. Astrid says:

    fatblaster works well for me……..I lost 2 kgs in 1 wk, I hvnt had any problems with it so far…………I also use the fat magnet tablets n the shakes

  16. kristen says:

    I use fatblaser around those times that I wanted to shed a few extra kgs. I find that they make your tummy feel full and I tend to eat less and feel less hungry. It also encourages me to exercise and eat better so the headache side effect is more so from a sugar withdraws and tend to pass within about a week.

  17. Catherine says:

    Fat blasters only work if your willing to restrict your food intake and exercise. (I was a fitness instructor)
    My personal experience was elevated heart rate and shakes..( I Never drink coffee) I do believe the high caffeine level is really bad however I would take them if the level was halved as they do support a healthy weight loss program.

  18. Melissa S says:

    I had 1 tablet 3 times today and I only started to day as well. can’t sleep feeling anxious and scared and also rushes of energy. Is this normal?

  19. Brooke says:

    It gives me ready bad heart palpations and heart problems. I also cant sleep at night time. I also feel light headed and anxious whilst on it

  20. Chel says:

    I used it when I was 20, it gave me the jitters and headaches but it went away after some time. The best thing it gave me was the feeling I needed to move, I needed to exercise, so I did and lost 15kilos!! Best thing I did-ever! It made me want to eat healthy and move, before I hated diet and exercise!

  21. Rhiannon says:

    I’m a teenager girl and i am very self conscious about my weight (95kg), I have been taking Fat Blaster Max for about a week now and I have noticed my self change. I am more energised and more enthusiastic about eating healthy and exercising (I am about to get a gym membership). I am not as hungry and don’t eat as much. I Never have the thought of pigging out on sugary or fatty foods. I feel happier. I have read about all the different problems it gives people, like no sleeping, nausea and headache. But I guess it may effect people in different ways, I definitely recommend fat blaster max, it’s worth a try.

  22. Stella Tzoimas says:

    Is there two products ? before I use to take fat blaster chocolate , every day for few month lost a lot of wait felt great. I just bought a box fat blaster Max and it is very different ! I have had two satchels only , because I use them for breakfast . I have gotten tremendous pain in my stomach followed up with wind and diarrhoea please help I want a replacement with the correct fat blaster I have been big advocate to all Freind’s about this Product now it’s very disappointing . I wish to have old fat blaster back if you have change this,!!!! And wish to get a replacement as this box is Absolutely a waist of money in time off from work , because of pain and diarria .

    • Grace says:

      Hello, I have only been using this on and off because if I have to go out that day I can’t due to the same, wind and dirroeha 🙁

  23. ashlyn says:

    Ive used fat blaster for one day and i cant sleep and i feel so sick .

  24. Jeffrey says:

    I used Fat Blaster Max for 3 months and lost 20kg. I went for 86kg to 66kg. I now weigh 88kg due to having a chronic pain disease and not being able to exercise and eating too much. I believe I have vitamin B toxicity which could have been caused from taking the Fat Blaster Max. My vitamin b level is 10 times higher than the maximum it should be. I now struggle to live due to the massive amount of pain I am in and am probably addicted to pain killers.

  25. Bonza says:

    I tried Fat Blaster approx 13 years ago after it being recommended. Within in a few days of taking it, my toes became tender and sore. My toe nails became thin and couldn’t bare the weight of the bed sheets or wearing of socks. Very painful. Then the toes and nails started to turn black and soon after my knuckles on my hands started turning black. This all occurred within a week. As soon I ceased taking Fat Blaster, the side effects started to ease instantly but it was too late for my toes, three nails fell off and have never fully recovered. During that week, I seeked medical help and had numerous tests that ruled out any other causes. I did reported my side effects to the company, only to be told that they never had anyone else experience this side effect when using Fat Blaster.

  26. Johnny says:

    I’m a 35 yo male. I went around europe for 11 months i went from 75 kg to 83.6 kg and havnt been able to loose it. I went hard core on a salad and no meat or carb binge for two months and included vinegar and lemony citris dressings but i only gained more weight. My weight varies between 84.6 to 85.6 between the week and i excecise and eat nuts and fruit. I been useing fb and opti slim shakes for 6 weeks no weight loss but no huge gains. I dont feal energetic or tired angry or sick. I dont drink coffee but drink plenty of water and milk. Should i still take it or not ?????

  27. Muz says:

    Looking to start loosing weight again (went from 138kg down to 93kg so far) but it’s all slowed down so looked to fat blaster.
    Day 1 wasn’t too bad in the beginning. Wasn’t that hungry all day so a victory there but after the dinner and the 2nd dose of 2 tabs I’ve noticed I am getting wind pains and a strange feeling in my lower stomach. Hopefully just the body getting used to the new pills.
    Will repost in a few weeks final results and weather feeling crap is part of taking these pills

  28. Muz says:

    Revised listing: DONT TAKE THIS PRODUCT! Major stomach cramping, wind and diarrhea will come and ruin you after food!!
    You’ve been warned. 😊

  29. Domi says:

    I’ve been taking these for about 4 days now. Haven’t noticed any side effects at all, but no reduction in hunger either. Hoping they maybe take a while to kick in. Haven’t weighed myself yet – hopefully they are working in silence!!

  30. Amy Heath says:

    I bought these pills today and im a teenage girl. Any advice?

  31. Shannon says:

    I got bad diarrhoea been taking it for 2 days now I changed the dose to 2 tablets and my tummy hurts got gas.

  32. Ann says:

    Two days taking it my toes become tender. I only took one dose. Couldn’t sleep, body temperature remain elevated throughout the whole day, diarrhoea and frequently need to empty bladder too. Pain in tummy, gas, Went for a massive run at a time I would normally be winding down. Very very strong effects on me.

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