Garcinia Forte Scam

Is Garcinia Forte and Cleanse Plus a scam?


Garcinia Forte and Cleanse plus are often offered advertised together (usually on facebook), or recommended as a package buy, to promote weight loss in two very different ways.

Both are manufactured by the same company and can be bought online from their respective website. Both have individual, typically glossy websites; but the question is, are they worth the money, and should you buy them?

What is the Garcinia Forte fat burner offer?

This tag team product offer aims to help you lose weight by working on the body in two ways; the concept is to cleanse and detox the body thoroughly, while improving digestion with Cleanse Plus, before moving onto Garcinia Forte in order to utilise its unique fat burning properties while your system is working to its optimum.

The idea is good in theory, but so many of these type of brands are just out to make money, and its worth looking closely at both products in order to see if you are in fact getting a good deal.

So, how does it all work?

For this we need to look at both products separately;

Cleanse Plus

Cleanse Plus bottlesCleanse Plus is one of many detox products on the market that claim to eliminate toxins, waste, and parasites from the body and improve digestion, thus helping the dieting process and making you feel better overall.

Detoxing is a brilliant idea when it’s done correctly and can be extremely beneficial to overall health and wellbeing.

The problem we have with Cleanse Plus is that nowhere does it say exactly what is in the capsules that does the so-called ‘detoxing’. There is no information regarding ingredients whatsoever but we can assume it is little more than a high fibre concentration that is designed to be a mild laxative.

Garcinia Forte

garcinia-forte-fat-burnerAs for Garcinia Forte, we already know that Garcinia Cambogia is a highly sought after ingredient in the dieting world; it works by blocking the body’s production of Citrate Lyase, an enzyme that is responsible for turning excess carbs into fat.

It also helps control blood glucose levels and studies indicate that it can also boost serotonin within the brain, making it a valid appetite suppressant for emotional eaters.

Garcinia Forte fat burner claims to be nothing but 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia and contains the recommended 60% HCA (its active ingredient), however, there is no mention of the actual amount of garcinia extract contained in each capsule.

alertThis is concerning, as the ingredient information should really be the selling point of such a product. Is this product cashing in on the recent success of Garcinia? Could it just contain a miniscule amount which will have no effect? Without clear ingredient information its impossible to say.

Customer reviews of Garcinia Forte

We found no independent customer reviews online either, which is never a good sign. What testimonials there are on the webpages are clearly cherry picked, and there is no opportunity to submit your own review or feedback. We did find a website that had given Garcinia Forte fat burner a very poor two out of five stars, and comments were made about extremely bad customer service.

Is it worth buying?

The official website

The official website is lacking in vital information

It’s impossible to make an honest judgement on either of these products, particularly Cleanse Plus.

It is never recommended that you take any supplement without knowing what is in it, and Cleanse Plus doesn’t even offer any hint at what its ‘active ingredient’ might be.

Garcinia Cambogia does have some clinical evidence that supports its use as a weight-loss aid.

However, Garcinia Forte looks suspiciously like a company trying to cash in on its media attention and there are enough reputable brands out there to warrant buying this supplement elsewhere.

woman doctor blank Further reading…

We recently looked at Garcinia Cambogia as an ingredient for weight loss in our recent investigation –

Click here to see which Garcinia supplement we recommend.

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8 comments on “Garcinia Forte Scam
  1. Jennifer Patterson says:

    BEWARE OF THEIR CHARGES! Their ad on-line recently stated $5.00 per bottle as an introductory offer. False advertising – they hit my account for $233.09 and after 6 e-mails for a “please explain” and a Sydney telephone number as a contact that doesn’t exist, I am left with a feeling of being well and truly duped. How on earth is this Company contactable?

    • Lara - Diet Pill Examiner Team Lara - Diet Pill Examiner Team says:

      Sorry to hear that Jennifer, this sounds very similar to the “free trial” offers that are doing the rounds lately. These are set up to charge customers shipping only, giving the product away for free. However, they usually enroll you into an autoship programme which debits your account each month. I hope you get further with Garcinia Forte and get a refund. Unfortunately, there are only a few Garcinia Cambogia suppliers we actually recommend that adhere to good business practices – take a look at our “further reading” section above if you are in the market for this type of supplement.

  2. Dulce Saret says:

    I ordered Garcinia Forte in February. Received this note on Feb 25:
    Dear Customer,
    Your Garcinia Forte order has now been shipped and has be sent to you by Royal Mail from the UK.
    Details of your Shipment
    Your Order ID: 725745

    Tracking Link: www.***
    Tracking number: GM56***
    Please visit the official website of the postage service used to get up to date tracking details.
    Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

    Garcinia Forte

    IT IS NOW APRIL 9 AND NO ORDER HAS ARRIVED. I have repeatedly called the customer service, and wrote emails to, I had been given the run-around. I asked for a full refund instead, and been told an email confirmation would come in 24 hours. No such email. No refund. This is a hoax.

  3. Lara - Diet Pill Examiner Team Lara - Diet Pill Examiner Team says:

    Hi Dulce, I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble getting a refund on your Garcinia Forte order. Unfortunately your experience sounds all too common, we hear a lot of similar stories from other customers who have ordered the product online and never receive it. I really hope you manage to get a refund, please keep us posted and let us know if you do have any joy in getting your money back from this company.

  4. madhu ilavarapu says:

    I ordered one garcinia forte, they have charged 3650/-. i want to cancel that order. Can anyone help me and advise how to get my money back

  5. Brenda Couch says:

    OH so glad to not be the only one. Ordered in April and was told 30 days as I live in SA. Also contacted support and no results so for those reading these reviews BEWARE as you probably will wait forever to receive their product. Absolutely disgusted. Don’t look for a complaints line as this does not exists or any contact with any from of management.

  6. Anastasia says:

    i ordered the product expecting to only pat about $46.00 mark and once it took my details and credit card information, they took out $214.00 dollars and was shocked that it came to that much. so i straight away sent them an email to refund my money and still waiting for an email since 3 days ago..tried to call the numbers on the email and both numbers do not exist.
    i tried the number to the link and i got through to that one and the 2 times i rang they says they cannot find the tracking number or my name of the order..then today i got this email
    saying your garcinia forte order wasn’t complete, but they knew how to draw the money out of my bank account . on this 2nd email they are offering me a 40% discount with free shipping if i complete this order..they have different emails and when i call them they turn around and say they are not their emails.
    the first email i got i didn’t even send me a receipt except on it had only that the transaction of taking the money out was complete and the transaction identification number but doesn’t even exist
    i have rang my bank so i am gonna dispute it and hopefully i hope i will get my money bank.have cancelled my visa card and getting a new one issued…they safest way is to order through papal and this will be a lesson for me never to use my credit card again without paypal

  7. marsha says:

    this is a hoax do not order they take your money and you do not get the product and there is no contact nos this is the one from facebook

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