Lingonberries for weight loss

What are Lingonberries and will they help me lose weight?


Lingonberries could help prevent weight gain in people consuming a high fat diet

They say good news travels fast, and no news travels faster than that of a potential new ‘super-fruit’ that can help boost weight-loss and improve your health.

New research that has come recently from the Lund University in Sweden suggests that eating Lingonberries could actually prevent weight gain in people with a high fat diet.

And that’s not all, it is also claimed that they can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, preventing the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

Controversially, this research also hints towards the once thought of ‘super-berry’ acai actually leading to weight gain in certain individuals, throwing a spanner in the works of many marketing campaigns from supplement manufacturers.

The clinical evidence behind Lingonberries as a weight loss supplement

Researchers at the University used a breed of mouse that is known for being able to store fat easily; the mice were split into groups and fed a variety of berries from Lingonberry and Raspberry, to Blackberry, Prunes and Acai.

After the three month study, the mice that had been fed on Lingonberries had by far the best results, leading experts to believe that this relatively unheard of berry could be the answer to allowing us to eat high-fat foods without the risk of weight-gain and its health implications.

Watch the Lingonberry news report from Lund University below:

Acai however, came last in the study, actually leading to weight gain in the mice.
Of course, no one is suggesting that we binge on a high-fat diet, followed up with a few Lingonberries, but it’s fair to say that this new evidence has led to an excited buzz throughout the dieting world.

Even renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon and popular TV Talk Show host, Dr Oz, is getting on the action; the official Dr Oz website gives some pretty interesting information about Lingonberries and their benefits, claiming that taking a tablespoon of Lingonberries regularly could help improve Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and inflammatory concerns due to its natural antioxidant potential.

Other health benefits

It is thought that there are many other health benefits to Lingonberries, it is already known that berries in general can be a crucial part of a high-fibre diet and each offers its own unique benefit.

Lovisa Heyman, one of the researchers for the study is quoted as saying, “We certainly hope to investigate if Lingonberries could be part of dietary strategies to prevent obesity also in humans.”

The team have already committed to continuing its research in a bid to understand the mechanisms involved in the Lingonberries and how they actually effect the body.

So, it’s a ‘watch this space’ type conclusion for now, no doubt there will soon be an influx of dieting pills and supplements claiming to utilise this potential new ‘super-berry’. If there are, we will be the first to bring you the news and of course the reviews!

Natural plant extracts which already help with weight loss

Garcinia-cambogia-supplementsIt seems there is a newly discovered “super supplement” every year, from African Mango to the Goji berry.

However, one fruit extract really does demonstrate both clinical backing and an extremely long line of satisfied users – we’re talking of course about Garcinia Cambogia.

Some of you may have already heard of it and even tried it for themselves, but for those who haven’t, we highly recommend reading our recent review which looked at two of the leading brands and how they claim to work:

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