Luisa Zissman diet pills, what does she use?

Forza raspberry ketone slimming tablets as used by Luisa Zissman

Luisa Zissman Apprentice StarFormer US Apprentice star and Playboy wannabe, Luisa Zissman, is as famous for her amazing curves as she is her business mind.

The 26 year old, mum-of-one showed off her stunning figure recently, crediting the use of Raspberry Ketone, while on holiday with friends in Dubai and certainly got the media’s attention.

Flaunting her perfect bikini bod in a tiny two-piece, Luisa seemed to be enjoying her pre-Christmas break, sipping cocktails and laughing with her friend while the paparazzi cameras snapped away.

And, with nowhere to hide and nothing to cover up with, the baker-come-playgirl’s toned thighs and tiny waist were on full display.

While much of the media’s attention surrounding her rumoured one-stone weight-loss has attributed her success to diet and daily exercise, it’s also true that Luisa has been using Raspberry Ketone supplements to promote her healthy life-style. She has even publicly endorsed the pills stating, “I can definitely recommend them, 150%”.

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What is raspberry ketone and how does it work?

Raspberry Ketone caught the world’s attention following its feature on the Dr Oz talk show. This natural substance (that is responsible for the sweet smell of raspberries) has some pretty impressive dieting properties and has been proven to help boost weight-loss in several clinical trials.

UK manufacturer, FORZA, has a solid reputation for its high-quality fitness supplements and its Raspberry Ketone pills are said to help boost the metabolism in order to burn excess fat. In scientific terms, Raspberry Ketone helps increase the body’s production of Adiponectin, a protein hormone that breaks down fatty acids within the stomach while helping to regulate blood sugar levels.

Luisa’s toned physique isn’t solely the result of FORZA’s Raspberry Ketone supplements, of course. Weight-loss supplements are designed to help boost and optimise a healthy diet and regular exercise, which is exactly what the reality TV star has been doing since she left the Apprentice in 2013.

Watch Luisa’s Raspberry Ketone testimonial in the video below:

Luisa has been quoted in the past regarding her self-confessed body issues. The star, like many of us, said that she hated her ‘jelly-belly’ and ‘love-handles’ and had struggled with her yo-yo-ing weight since the birth of her child.

After being photographed wearing a gold tasselled bikini on holiday last year, she received a string of unkind comments on the popular social media site, Twitter, and decided to dedicate herself to toning up and getting fitter, with the help of FORZA Raspberry Ketone.

The work has certainly paid off; after Luisa posted a photo of herself on Twitter showing off her new abs, she seems to have silenced her critics that just a few months earlier were labelling the star ‘fat’.

roxanne-pallettOther Celebrity reviews and testimonials

Luisa isn’t the only celebrity to benefit from Raspberry Ketone’s undeniable weight-loss enhancement.

Eex-Emmerdale star, Roxanne Pallett (pictured right) has also publicly credited her svelte silhouette to the natural supplement, and Kim Kardashian has been reported as using it to keep her trim shape.

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