Meratol diet pills

Meratol review – does it work?

What is Meratol?

meratol-bottleMeratol is a weight-loss supplement that is designed to increase metabolism and boost energy, helping you to shift unwanted weight as part of a calorie controlled diet and exercise plan.

The pill aims to reduce the fatigue that is often experienced when dieting while at the same time speeding up your metabolism so that works more efficiently to burn off existing fat.

Meratol diet pills are gaining quite a reputation in the UK, where they are manufactured, and has even earned a celebrity endorsement from The Only Way is Essex star, Lauren Goodger. This all sounds very positive, but does it actually work?

Watch the video below to see Lauren Goodger, star of
The Only Way is Essex talk about Meratol

How does Meratol work?

Meratol uses a combination of well known weight loss enhancing ingredients;

greentick Caffeine and capsicum to boost energy and speed up the metabolism.
greentick Prickly pear which helps absorb fatty acids in the stomach.
greentick Brown algae which is used to treat conditions related to underactive thyroid and weight gain.

All of these ingredients have been used in other diet pills and are completely natural. Meratol’s website clearly links to studies conducted on its various ingredients to support its claims.

If that wasn’t enough, independent reviews of the brand are proving extremely positive as well, most customers are giving Meratol a pretty impressive four out of five stars online. Almost all the reviews are stating that Meratol helped them to lose weight within the first week of use.

Click here to visit the official Meratol website

Pros and Cons

Postives: There are plenty of pros for Meratol; clear links to research, celebrity endorsement, 100% natural ingredients, and masses of positive reviews.

Perhaps also a very big plus for the company itself is its positive promotion of healthy eating and regular exercise when taking Meratol. Unlike other companies, who make bold and unhealthy claims that their pills will help you lose weight without you having to do anything, Meratol states clearly that the pill is designed to support a balanced diet and exercise regime, rather than replace meals.

Negatives: One con for the brand is its lack of definitive ingredient information. While they are very willing to share the research and evidence behind the listed ingredients on the site, there is no detailing of quantities, which is a shame.


meratol celebrity followingAside from the lack of a definitive ingredients list, which does appear to be printed on the bottle, just not on the website, Meratol actually looks pretty good.

The website is clear and professional, with good links and seemingly genuine testimonials, as well as having some good money saving offers if you buy in bulk (in particular, free international shipping).

But perhaps the most impressive thing about Meratol is that it does appear to work, judging by the independent reviews from customers on other sites.

Definitely worth a try, we think.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

Meratol costs around $138 AUD from the official website with international delivery available to Australia.

Buy Meratol online from the official website

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