Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action

Does Nature’s Way Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action work?

Nature's Way Metabolift Fat Burner Triple ActionMetabolift Fat Burner Triple Action is produced by the Australian company Nature’s Way.

The manufacturer claims, as suggested by its name, that the product will assist dieters in three ways: it promises to increase the metabolism, assist fat burning, and boost energy.

What is in the formula and is it effective?

The ingredients are listed on the company’s website, and usefully, the site also provides quantities for most ingredients. The active ingredients include:

ingredients GarciniaGarcinia Quaesita (Brindleberry) Extract

Thought by some to prevent the storage of fat and increase energy levels. What gives Garcinia the potential to help dieters is the high proportion (around 50%) of hydroxycitric acid in the fruit rind, which is thought to interfere with lipogenesis.

Because insufficient clinical trials have been conducted into the use of garcinia as a dietary aid, it is not possible to give guidance on appropriate daily doses of this ingredient. The best advice seems to be that garcinia is probably safe when taken over relatively short periods (no longer than 12 weeks) and should not be taken by children, or during pregnancy or breast feeding.


This is another important ingredient in Metabolift Fat Burner. Most people think of caffeine as deriving solely from the coffee plant, but caffeine is present in other plants, including guarana, as well as tea plants.

The formula lists both caffeine (81mg per tablet) and guarana extract (no quantity specified). The worry here is that guarana is a powerful stimulant containing twice the caffeine of the coffee plant. The positives of caffeine are that it can increase alertness, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. The negatives are that it can increase blood pressure, cause insomnia and anxiety.

metabolift-fat-burner-ingredients2Gymnema sylvestre (200mg)

A herb which grows in the tropical forests of India and Asia. This herb has recently been identified as a potential weight-loss tool because of its ability to suppress appetite, reduce sugar absorption and balance blood sugars.

Its appetite suppressant properties have been confirmed by clinical trials involving humans, its ability to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar has been evidenced in an important scientific study involving rats in 2012, but has not yet been tested on humans.

metabolift-fat-burner-ingredients3Capsicum annum

More commonly known as red pepper or chilli pepper. This herb is thought to offer a number of health benefits, and may help to suppress the appetite according to researchers in the Netherlands, who published an article in the International Journal of Obesity in 2005.

Participants in the study ate less, and demonstrated higher energy levels. There are a number of supplements which contain this key ingredient – Capsiplex being the most popular by far.

Customer feedback and potential side effects

Customer reviews are mixed, with some claiming Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action helped them to lose huge amounts of weight; others suggested that despite regular use, alongside sensible eating and exercise, weight loss was zero; a significant minority claimed that the side effects of this product were so severe that customers had to cease using it.

Reported side effects were, on the whole, probably related to high levels of caffeine in the product: nausea, anxiety, insomnia as well as shaking, fatigue and general weakness. If customers do choose to use this product, they should ensure they restrict the intake of caffeine from other sources.


BulletGreenTick Some of the ingredients in Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action are indisputably beneficial to health.

BulletGreenTick Some customers report that this product is very effective.


BulletRedCross  Some ingredients remain clinically untested.

BulletRedCross It is difficult to determine the precise levels of stimulants within the product and there is a risk that users may experience adverse side effects.

BulletRedCross The company offers no scientific evidence to prove its ambitious claims for the product.

BulletRedCross This product does not appear to be available through the company’s website.

Natures-way-Metabolift-Fat-Burner-Triple-ActionIs Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action worth buying?

At a recommended retail price of $41.90 for 30 days’ supply, this is a middle range product in terms of cost (special offers are available from some suppliers).

However, the adverse side effects experienced by many users suggest that caution should be exercised, with caffeine making up a big part of the Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action formulation.

Are there any other alternatives to consider?

Garcinia CambogiaThe key ingredient in Metabolift is undoubtedly Garcinia Cambogia, a recently discovered powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant which is getting great feedback from those who have tried the supplement.

We recently examined the two top leading Garcinia brands, looking at how they work and optimum daily servings for weight loss

Click here to see the top Garcinia product

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