Natures way laminaria extract review

Does Nature’s Way Laminaria Extract work?

What is it?

natures-way-laminaria-extract-reviewNature’s Way Laminaria Extract is an all-natural diet pill, the active ingredient of which is Laminaria powder.

The manufacturer’s website makes some pretty amazing claims for this product which, if proved, could cure the western world’s obesity problem single-handedly.

It suggests the diet pill will burn off up to a pound of fat a day without the need to diet; and that “Laminaria works because it unlocks and then destroys fat from the inside-out”; that cellulite will disappear and that users will look younger and feel healthier and happier.

Sounds a load of rubbish, so lets take a deeper look to see if its as good as the manufacturer claims.

Is its main ingredient, Laminaria, effective?


Laminaria is a genus of brown algae (seaweed) that is native to Japan. Commonly known as kelp, and contains iodine, iron and potassium.

It is thought to have the potential to aid weight loss because, on contact with water, laminaria forms a gel, which makes the body feel full and has a natural laxative effect.

Iodine is known to affect thyroid activity, and the manufacturer claims that regulation of the thyroid gland through the Iodine in this product will increase the level at which the body burns fat.

Although scientific research has proved that Iodine affects thyroid function, the manufacturer’s website gives no indication as to the quantity of Laminaria in this product, hence it is impossible to determine the extent to which this supplement will be effective.

woman-microscopeThere have so far been no human clinical trials testing the weight-loss properties of Laminaria.

A recent study on rats produced promising results, concluding that Laminaria Extract reduced glucose and insulin levels and increased fatty acid oxidation in obese rats.

It is possible, but by no means certain, that these results would be replicated in human clinical trials, but clearly further research is needed before it can be regarded as an effective – and safe – weight-loss tool.

Nature’s Way Laminaria Extract seems to work by over-stimulating the thyroid gland, which in turn increases the metabolic rate. I would like to see some credible scientific research into the effects of thyroid stimulation on humans before I would be happy to try this product.


BulletGreenTick A relatively cheap diet pill, retailing at around $30 for three months supply;

BulletGreenTick It contains no caffeine, and the ingredients are natural;

BulletGreenTick The manufacturer offers a ‘full’ refund, but only on the portion of the product which remains unused, and this excludes postage and packaging costs.


BulletRedCross The manufacturer’s website is of very poor quality: it makes amazing claims which are wholly unsubstantiated by scientific evidence;

BulletRedCross The fact that Laminaria Extract has not been tested in human clinical trials makes this a suspect diet pill which could prove to be unsafe;

BulletRedCross Laminaria targets the thyroid gland and effectively puts this into overdrive. Whilst the manufacturer’s website advises that those with thyroid problems should not use this product, how many people might have overactive thyroids which have not been diagnosed? And what would be the effect on such people of using this product?

BulletRedCross The website merely lists ingredients, without providing information on precise quantities, nor on the properties of each ingredient.


woman pillsDespite promising research on rats, Laminaria has not been tested on humans for either its weight-loss properties or its safety. On the other hand, there are many alternative products available which have been proven both effective and safe fat-burners and appetite suppressants.

Until such time as scientific research on human subjects gives this product a clean bill of health and proves its effectiveness, the claims of the manufacturer remain unproven, and Nature’s Way Laminaria Extract is a diet pill that is hard to give any real recommendation.

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