PaleoTrim Diet Pills review, do they work?

PaleoTrim pills, can they really increase energy and boost weight loss?

PaleoTrim is a diet supplement manufactured in the US by Briland Brands in California (this is apparently the only product sold by the company). It is claimed that, when combined with exercise and a healthy balanced diet, PaleoTrim will “increase energy and promote weight loss”.

PaleoTrim ingredients – are they effective?

PaleoTrim contains nine active ingredients, although, because it is a proprietary brand, the manufacturer does not disclose the precise quantity of each.

For starters, without knowing how much of each ingredient is included, it is impossible to accurately assess the overall effectiveness of the product!

raspberry-ketRaspberry Ketone

PaleoTrim contains raspberry ketone, an ingredient enthusiastically endorsed by the charismatic American, Dr Oz on his show. There is some scientific evidence that raspberry ketone may aid weight-loss where the daily dosage is at least 100g. There is no way of knowing how much raspberry ketone is included in this product.

African MangoAfrican Mango

African mango seeds are claimed to be an effective appetite suppressant, as well as helping to regulate blood sugar and body fat. One small-scale clinical study (see confirmed those claims, though further research is needed.

acaiAcai Berry

Acai fruit is from the purple palm native to the Amazon rainforest. It is a powerful antioxidant and has become increasingly popular as an ingredient in diet supplements.

green-teaGreen Tea Extract

Green tea extract is an effective antioxidant which offers many health benefits: it can improve mental alertness, help digestion, and may also lower the risk of developing certain cancers and heart disease. Today it is one of the most widely used ingredients in diet supplements.

apple-vinegarApple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is thought to have potential as a mild appetite suppressant and may be useful in controlling blood sugar levels, although to date, only one very small-scale clinical trial has supported those claims. Apple cider vinegar may cause heartburn in some users.


Kelp is a seaweed which contains high levels of iodine. It is known to help maintain the thyroid gland, although there is no scientific evidence proving this ingredient aids weight loss.


Grapefruit is a healthy food, and whilst there is no direct scientific evidence demonstrating its weight-loss properties, its benefits probably justify its inclusion.


Caffeine is included in PaleoTrim, though, according to the manufacturer, at quite a low level. Caffeine has been shown through scientific testing to boost the metabolic rate and burn fat.

It is unlikely that the low level of caffeine in this product will have any great effect upon weight loss, although at the same time, such a low level is unlikely to cause the common side effects often attributed to this ingredient.


Revesterol is a phytoalexin found in the skins of grapes and other plants, and which is apparently produced naturally by those plants to ward off attacks from bacteria or fungi. There is very limited evidence that revesterol may have anti-aging properties, though significant further testing needs to take place before this claim can be regarded as proven.

Overall, PaleoTrim contains some useful ingredients which may prove beneficial alongside a weight-loss programme. However, without knowing the precise quantity of each, it is impossible to assess just how effective it will be.

What are customers saying about PaleoTrim?

A quick look on Amazon reveals that since PaleoTrim became available to UK customers in May 2013, there have been 11 reviews posted by customers, of which 8 have awarded a maximum 5 stars.

That is a promising start for the brand. Of the negative reviews, one customer reports numbness in the arms or fingers, though there is no way of knowing whether these symptoms were caused by the product.



  • The ingredients seem to be relatively safe, and the low level of caffeine in this product should not produce severe side effects. Apple cider vinegar may cause heartburn.
  • The manufacturer offers a “100% money back guarantee” through its website, though the small print requires you to return ALL items in the order to claim the refund, hence it does not appear to be available to customers who use the product and find it ineffective. It is not clear whether this ‘guarantee’ applies to purchases via Amazon.


  • The manufacturer’s claim that the product has been featured on the US Dr Oz show are not accurate: PaleoTrim has not been endorsed by the programme, though some of the ingredients contained within the product have.
  • Despite some good ingredients, others have not been scientifically proven to aid weight loss.
  • Difficult to assess the product’s overall effectiveness without knowing the quantities of each ingredient.

Is PaleoTrim worth buying?

paleotrim-pillsPaleoTrim is available to UK customers via Amazon and costs £19.95 for 60 tablets (1 month’s supply).

Whilst some of the ingredients are widely used in other diet products, and have been scientifically proven to aid weight loss, others are unproven.

The main concern about this product is that, without knowing the precise quantities of each ingredient, it is impossible to gauge its effectiveness.

Those who follow a calorie controlled diet and exercise programme whilst taking PaleoTrim will no doubt lose weight; those who prefer to rely on the product alone, without making changes to lifestyle, will most probably not.

alert We find it extremely difficult to recommend any product which does not reveal the quantities of ingredients.

Alternatives we recommend…Raspberry Ketone Plus

raspberry-ketone-plus-bottleThe ingredient in Paleotrim which most looks like it will help weight loss is Raspberry Ketone.

When taken in a reasonable amount, at least 100-200mg each day, this compound has been shown to drastically increase the metabolism and even help suppress appetite.

The best advice is to simply find a supplement with enough of this key ingredient in the formula. One of the best we have reviewed in recent months is Raspberry Ketone Plus.

Read our Raspberry Ketone Plus review here

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