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Phentramin D Review

What is Phentramin D?

Phentramin-D-bottlePhentramin D is a natural, pharmacological diet aid which promises to promote quick and significant weight loss results.

Produced by Lazarus Labs in the US, it is advertised as a safe, natural alternative to the popular anti-obesity drug phentermine, also known as adipex.

Is it Effective?

On first inspection the dual action nature of Phentramin D; a combined appetite suppressor and metabolism booster, certainly promises an effective diet supplement.

The formula is said to increase energy levels and raise the metabolism so more fat can be burnt through exercise and thermogenesis. At the same time it helps break down stored fats whilst curbing the appetite so the user feels fuller for longer and consumes few calories.

The claims all sound very impressive, as not only can weight loss be significant with this type of diet pill, but it is often maintainable as reduced calorie intake over time shrinks the stomach, reducing the likelihood of yo yo dieting.

However, rather unfortunately the official website does not provide any information to substantiate its claims in the form of clinical studies or medical endorsement, or to explain the properties of its active ingredients.

Is this as effective as branded Phentermine?

Phentramin D compares itself to the prescription drug phentermine, proven to reduce body weight by 5-10% in the clinically obese.

Phentermine is a psychostimulant, habit forming drug which affects the central nervous system to dramatically curb appetite and increase energy levels.

studiesIn comparison Phentramin D is a natural, non habit forming diet aid which only affects bodily processes and promises no unpleasant side effects. Phentramin D only contains two ingredients; Dimenthylphentylamine and Trimethylxanthine.

There are no details mentioned on the official website which list the quantities of the two ingredients used in the formula.

So does Phentramin D actually work?

Both compounds used in Phentramin D are stimulants; dimenthylphentylamine, or geranium extract, mimics the effects of norepinephrine, a chemical messenger which triggers the metabolism of stored fat, raises energy levels and metabolism.

Trimethylxanthine, which is caffeine, enhances the effects and longevity of dimenthylphentylamine so its fat burning and appetite control effects last throughout the day.

Phentramin D claims to be ‘scientifically developed,’ so we would hope that it can live up to its claims but it is unfortunate that Lazarus Labs have not provided any specific information to support this.

Is it safe, are there any side effects?

The manufacturer on the one hand markets Phentramin D as a safe, side effect free alternative to phentermine, but then warns that the product be stopped if you experience nausea or nervousness.

As the supplement is not suitable for those with diabetes, heart, blood pressure or thyroid problems, its powerful stimulant formula might not be as side effect free as it claims.

  Promises to be a safe alternative to phentermine.
  Easy to obtain without prescription.
  Has a natural formula which is not habit-forming.
  No money back guarantee.
  No clinical testing or endorsement.
  Only two ingredients.
  Side effects include nervousness, irritability, nausea, dry mouth, insomnia.
  Not suitable for people suffering from a number of medical conditions.

So is it worth buying?
Overall rating :  (2.5/5)

Phentramin-D-bottlePhentramin D could very well offer a potent, natural alternative to Phentermine, which when combined with a healthy diet and exercise could lead to substantial weight loss.

However, there is limited proof to support its claims, and there are other pharmaceutical grade weight loss supplements which offer more supporting evidence along with a money back guarantee.

The two ingredients used in this particular supplement are known for their weight loss credentials, and dual action formulas consisting of appetite suppressant and fat burner can prove to be very effective.

Overall, Phentramin D should not be dismissed as a credible diet supplement as there are a number of positive reviews citing its effectiveness, but it would be an even more appealing option if there was more proof of its claims.

Are there better alternatives?

bottles of phen375Phentermine alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as dieters are desperate to achieve the same dramatic weight loss associated with the prescription drug.

One of the most impressive formulas we have examined in recent years is the rival brand Phenobestin 37.5.

This prescription-free supplement features a more credible list of pharmacy quality compounds which have been assembled in a GMP certified facility.

Phenobestin 37.5 is generally one of the most recommended Phentermine alternatives currently on the market, thanks to a comprehensive money back guarantee and long term user feedback.

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