Claiming to boost metabolism and burn fat, can Prescopodene live up to the hype?

What is Prescopodene?

Prescopodene bottlePrescopodene is the latest in a long line of diet pills to hit the weight-loss market, claiming to help you shift unwanted weight with thermogenesis (the increase of the metabolism to ‘burn’ off excess fat for energy).

What’s in the formula?

The key ingredient used here is Advantra Z- a compound that became popular after the use of Ephedra was banned. It is an extract of citrus aurantium (aka bitter orange) and claims to mimic the weight-loss properties of ephedra without the nasty side effects.

However, studies have shown that bitter orange can actually increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks –

The rest of the list of ingredients is pretty long; Green tea, Ginger root, Grape seed extract, Hordenine, Octopamine (found in Oranges) and Quercetin, as well as a multitude of other minerals and compounds, such as Magnesium, L-Tyrosine, Pantothenic Acid, Tyramine, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

Ginger root, Grape seed extract and Quercetin are all reported as being helpful in the fight against fat. But, since the Prescopodene website doesn’t actually link to a complete list of ingredients and their quantities, it’s hard to know whether or not the amount used in a single Prescopodene pill will have any genuine effect.

Its common knowledge in the diet pill world that ‘extracts’ of natures little fat-fighters rarely have the same potency or high quality as their natural or freeze-dried alternatives.

What are the customers saying?

There are numerous testimonials on the site that appear to be genuine success stories, but a quick scan of the internet and some independent reviews reveal a slightly different story.

There appears to be a very significant divide between users that claim Prescodopene works, and the ones that don’t. There is no happy medium, it would seem, just a list of remarkable weight-loss stories or very, very unhappy customers.

The selection of reviews on offer are a little suspicious; this pill seems to either receive and very positive 5 out of 5 stars, or a very negative 1 out of 5.

Where are the middle-ground reviews? Surely there must be some people who have tried this diet pill and had an average experience? Call us cynical, but such a stark contrast in customer reviews only leads to believe that the ‘positive’ reviews aren’t entirely genuine.

Does Prescopodene work?

Prescopodene claims to be back by a clinical trial carried out at a ‘leading American research institute’ and does state the findings of this trial. However, there is no obvious link to the actual research other than a pop up window of text that appears to be the trial’s conclusion.

Prescopodene Pros

The Prescopodene website features a bombardment of success stories, remarkable weight-loss claims and seemingly-scientific evidence. If these claims and stories are to be believed, then this supplement could be the next best thing in the weight-loss world. But the question remains, are they to be believed.

There have been no reported nasty side effects of taking this slimming aid.

Prescopodene Cons

The website is offering a 90 day risk-free trial, stating that if you are unhappy with the results they will offer you a full refund. Reading the negative reviews of Prescopodene, this refund doesn’t seem to be very easy to claim, if it can be claimed at all.

Countless customers have stated that the customer service they received was poor, the company stalled on occasions in order to let the trial period lapse, by which time you can not get your refund, and it appears that the trial begins from the day of your order, regardless of where you live in the world.

Prescopodene bottlePrescopodene Conclusion
RATING : (2/5)

The lack of balanced reviews and actual evidence, combined with questionable ingredients such as bitter orange (known to increase the risk of strokes and cause ephedra linked side effects) means we are hard pushed to give any real recommendation for this product.

Alternatives to consider – Phen375

Phen375 most popularOne of the most effective diet supplements we have reviewed in recent months is Phen375 – a dual action fat burner which also works to curb cravings.

Phen375 has so much positive customer feedback its almost impossible to ignore, with hundreds of testimonials and before and after pictures sent in by users.

Phen375 is free from any harsh stimulants and encourages the body to produce its own fat burning hormones. Formulated in a FDA approved laboratory, this particular supplement is fast becoming a firm favourite with our readers.

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