Quickslim – Can this new meal replacement drink really help you lose weight?

What is Quickslim?

quickslim-packageQuickslim is a weight-loss programme which includes Glucomannan Powder; mixed with water to provide a drink which should be consumed before eating, users also have access to online support and expert advice in addition to a 24 hour telephone hotline.

Used as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen, Quickslim works by expanding in the stomach to help the user experience a feeling of “fullness” and satisfaction; the product also contains fat-binding properties to aid in the reduction of cholesterol and fats absorbed in the body before being naturally expelled.

Is Quickslim effective?

The primary active ingredient in Quickslim, Glucomannan, works by expanding to up to 50 times its original volume in the stomach acting as a “natural gastric band”; those using the product can, therefore, find themselves physically unable to consume as much food as normal.

This fat-binding and appetite suppressing process is certainly not new, Proactol – one of the best known natural fat binders, has a substantial following in the UK, US and now Australia.

Rather than relying on glucomannan (a somewhat crude method of appetite suppression by today’s standards), a natural plant fibre complex is used, helping Proactol to win countless awards for its safety and sometimes astonishing weight loss effects. Read more about Proactol in our review.

Other ingredients listed on the official Quickslim website include Inulin, Dextrose, Colouring, Food Acid, Flavouring and sweeteners and Anti-caking agents; as these are primarily used as fillers, the main “workhorse” of the product seems to be the Glucomannan.

Is it proven to work?

The manufacturers of Quickslim, Australian Nutrition Systems Pty Ltd, cite clinical studies undertaken on Glucomannan in relation to Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic parameters and feeling of satiety in the overweight and obese, and its supplementation to plasma cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; they also claim 24 randomised international trials of the product.

However, a study carried out by an impartial body on a group of obese subjects found that just 1 in 20 of the participants who took capsules of purified Glucomannan one hour prior to eating lost an average of 5 ½ lbs.’ over an eight week period.

Customer feedback

Quickslim was featured on the Australian magazine television programme “A Current Affair” in late 2011 provoking an unprecedented surge of interest and causing the manufacturers and suppliers to run out of stock.

Reviews posted on the official website also include glowing recommendations from satisfied customers. One individual went from 101kg to 87kg in just 5 weeks, while another lost 20kgs in just 3 months; a third posted “I lost 25kgs pretty quick and it was one of the easiest things I have ever done”.

Specific negative feedback on the product would seem to be much harder to locate although as the Kanjac root-sourced Glucomannan is known to be widely used as a stool softener and colon cleanser, one would assume that certain negative side-effects must occur!


Advantages of using Quickslim include its ready availability from a selection of leading health stores and Pharmacies and the opportunity to combine a healthy diet and lifestyle with a supplement which may aid in a faster and more efficient rate of weight- loss.

Choice of three different flavours Berry, Pine Lime, and Orange Mango. The opportunity to trial on a 14 day basis for $14.95 postage and packing.


Quickslim is not suitable for use by those with Diabetes as Glucomannan has been shown to alter the insulin requirements by affecting blood glucose levels.

Currently the sale of Glucomannan and products containing Glucomannan are banned in certain countries. Prickly pear extract is one alternative which does have an unmarked safety record and is the ingredient of choice used in other fat binders such as Proactol.

The possibility of unpleasant side-effects occuring including dizziness, nausea, headaches, gut irritation and the frequent passing of loose and unpleasant-smelling stools.

Is it worth buying?

Although the owners of Quickslim, Australian Nutrition Systems, include a Customer Service contact phone number and a PO Box number on their website they will only agree to a full refund if products are returned, unopened, within the 14 day trial period.

Customers who choose to keep the Quickslim Glucomannan Drink after the “trial period” concludes will have a cost of $189 charged against their credit card which may well leave them at the mercy of an Autoship programme.

Those wishing to try the product should fully familiarise themselves with the concept of how Quickslim should be incorporated into their lifestyle before making a purchase.

Alternatives to consider

As already highlighted, one option is to opt for the more popular Proactol formulation.

This promises many of the benefits seen with this particular supplement, and is well tolerated without any of the possible side effects.

Proactol recently won an award as The Telegraph’s (On of the UK’s leading newspapers) best fat binder due to its natural and safe formulation.

Read more about Proactol

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