Raspberry Ketone Force

Raspberry Ketone Force review – does it work?

What is it?

raspberry-ketone-force-pillsRaspberry Ketone Force is a brand of diet pill that uses the popular ingredient, Raspberry Ketone.

The company claims that Raspberry Ketone Force is a potent and effective formula that includes, not only Raspberry Ketone itself, but also Green Tea and Green Coffee to boost metabolism, increase energy levels and suppress the appetite.

While Raspberry Ketone itself is very well known for its weight loss properties, there are plenty of brands on the market that claim to have harnessed its properties better than the rest. Raspberry Ketone Force states that its particular blend does just that.

Watch the Raspberry Ketone Force video below:

How does it work?

Raspberry Ketone has become extremely popular since research proved that it can be effective at preventing weight gain by making the body burn fat more efficiently. It works by boosting the natural production of Adiponectin, which regulates the body’s ability to break down glucose and fatty acids.


The effects of the included Green Tea and Green Coffee are supposed to boost the metabolism by increasing the heart rate and therefore provide you with more energy.

However, since these substances are both high in caffeine, the effects are typically short lived and there is a risk of side effects, such as headaches, jitteriness, insomnia, heart palpitations and anxiety.

The Raspberry Ketone Force website actually doesn’t warn about these particular side effects. In fact, the website doesn’t say too much at all.

There is no definitive list of ingredients and their quantities, and although the site does link to the clinical trials carried out on Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee, there has been no clinical trial to speak of into the Raspberry Ketone Force blend itself.

Is it effective?

It’s difficult to say whether Raspberry Ketone Force will be effective as a weight loss supplement; there is very little in the way of customer information, scientific research or even the sort of weight loss you might expect from taking the pill for a period of time.

The company does recommend healthy eating and exercise alongside its diet pill, and has stated that results may vary from person to person, but has not detailed anywhere on its site the average weight loss that its customers may see.

Raspberry Ketone Force Reviews

Is Raspberry Ketone Force worth it?
Overall rating : 2 stars(2/5)

There is no question that Raspberry Ketone itself is a valuable tool in the fight against fat, but this particular brands effectiveness is still questionable.

Given the lack of information, dubious ‘Money Back Guarantee’ (that is always a red flag in the supplement world), lack of evidence to support any claims and the minimal selection of cherry picked testimonials on the company’s site, we would be hard pushed to give any real recommendation for this particular brand.

Alternatives worth looking into – Raspberry Ketone Plus

raspberry-ketones-blankThe original raspberry ketone brand (and still considered one of the best) is Raspberry Ketone Plus – now enjoying its second year as one of the UK’s best-selling natural weight loss aids.

The product first shot to fame after a Fox News report looked at its sudden success in the slimming world, thanks partly to an endorsement of its key ingredient by Dr Oz –  the US prime-time talk show host and doctor.

Read more about Raspberry Ketone Plus
and watch the video in our review

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