Realdose weight loss formula

Is the RealDose Weight Loss Formula a bit of a gimmick, or can it really help with weight loss?

What is Realdose?

realdose-bottleThe RealDose Weight Loss formula is a natural slimming aid in capsule form to be taken three times a day, 30 minutes before meals. It is made from a blend of natural ingredients, which claim to be promote increased fat burn, reduced appetite and less fat absorption.

Does the RealDose Weight Loss Formula work?

The claims as to whether this product works are quite hard to substantiate. The ingredients themselves are all clinically trialled to aid weight loss, but the actual product in its specific formulation is untested.

RealDose is made up from five natural ingredients: Dolichos Biflorus (seed) extract, Betel (Piper betle) (leaf) extract, Decaffeinated Green Coffee, Siberian Rhodiola Rosea (root) and Pepper (Piper nigrum).

The first two ingredients have been proven to increase hormones linked to fat burn whilst curbing the appetite; Green Coffee reduces glucose and carbohydrates being absorbed by the body; and pepper raises metabolism therefore increasing weight loss through thermogenesis.

There is no clarification as to what amounts these ingredients are effective in, so subsequently we are unable to tell whether the formula contains enough of each to be effective.

The official site recommends that RealDose be taken whilst following the ‘Fat Loss Fast Start Programme,’ which is included free with any order. There are no details on the website as to what this consists of, and we can only surmise that it is some form of diet plan.

This raises some doubt on the bold claims that RealDose is a successful weight loss formula in its own right, as any associated weight loss could be attributed to the accompanying diet plan rather than the pill itself.

Customer feedback

There is certainly some powerful consumer reviews on the official site, extolling the weight loss properties of RealDose, however, one should remain sceptical as there is an absence of independent reviews on other diet websites about this product.

Natural, safe, no caffeine.
Easy to take.
365 day no quibble money back guarantee.
Clear indication as to how long it takes to see results.
The natural ingredients are said to improve stress and anxiety as well as aiding weight loss.
No clinical trial of the product.
Unsubstantiated claims on the official site such as ‘removes all four fat burning hormone barriers.’
Has to be taken whilst following some sort of diet plan.
Recommended to be taken after weight has been lost to maintain results, this could prove very costly if having to take indefinitely.

How much does it cost?

The product can be bought from the official website, and costs $67 for one month’s supply, $179 for 90 days and $327 for 180 days.

RealDose claims that those taking the product will lose twice the amount of weight compared to dieting alone, with 5-10 lbs in the first week, and 2 lbs a week thereafter.

Is it worth buying?

At first glance the ingredients in the RealDose Weight Loss Formula appear impressive if you are looking to lose weight safely and naturally, but in the absence of a clinical trial buyers should remain sceptical.

The 365 day money back guarantee does seem very generous, exceeding that offered by most other weight loss aids, so this does give one some confidence in trying the product.

It is frustrating that there is no information on the ‘Fat Loss Fast Start Programme’ which should be followed whilst taking the pills, this could turn out to be a diet plan which is unsuitable or unappealing for some, therefore making the purchase of the pills a waste of time.

Any weight loss achieved will be hard to accredit to the pill or the diet plan, which does make the RealDose Weight Loss Formula seem a bit of a gimmick.

There is very little independent feedback on this product, either negative or positive, so it is hard to judge the rave reviews on the official site in isolation.

Taking this all into account, if you do decide to try the RealDose Weight Loss Formula you should do so in the knowledge the product is safe and totally refundable if it does not prove successful.

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5 comments on “Realdose weight loss formula
  1. Christine A. Witham says:

    I tried Realdose, but I became irritated. Maybe you can’t have a glass of wine with it. But I am afraid to take it again. I was really mean.

  2. Ken says:

    I read that there are no clinical trials of this stuff which isn’t true. Can’t post the link because this comment box won’t allow it but just google the two main ingredients and you can check it out.

  3. Carol says:

    Took Real Dose, followed diet plan for 3 months. Didn’t see results til AFTER I quit taking it. Then I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks. Also when I asked for a refund, they only refunded me for my last month’s supply.

  4. Laura says:

    I have been on Real Dose for 3 months. It has been causing gas, bloating and diarrhea, no weight loss. I finally threw it away.

  5. Flora says:

    I tried using cayenne pepper pills to boost my metabolism. I ended up with awful stomach aches and acid reflux. Not only did the pepper not work, I was miserable all the time and constantly eating antacids. It RealDose has pepper in it, it could cause stomach upset for people. Then you’ll want to stop taking it and feel like you’ve wasted your money.

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