Reducta chewing gum review, does it work?

Reducta chewing gum investigation: can you really lose weight by simply chewing gum?

reducta-chewing-gum-reviewReducta chewing gum is manufactured by Naturopathica and is claimed to have appetite suppressant properties which will aid weight reduction and help to curb hunger pangs.

Designed to be taken in conjunction with Reducta diet tablets, the manufacturer suggests the chewing gum reduces the urge to snack, which is one of the commonest reasons for diet failure.

This article investigates the effectiveness and safety of the product, customer feedback and cost.

What is Reducta chewing gum and how does it work?

Reducta chewing gum contains virtually no calories, and apparently the very act of chewing burns a small number of calories (around 11 per hour); even more importantly, it is not practically possible to consume fattening snacks whilst simultaneously chewing on gum.

On that basis, chewing gum may help to cut down those damaging between-meals snacks. Reducta chewing gum is, of course, significantly more expensive than other sugar-free gums, so what is it about Reducta which makes it more effective than the cheaper alternatives?

Watch a Reducta customer testimonial below:

Reducta chewing gum ingredients:

reducta-chewing-gum-ingredientsSaffron Extract

The main ingredient which sets this apart from other gums is Satiereal®, an extract of Saffron, which is a spice derived from the saffron crocus.

The manufacturers claim that research in 2010 concluded that Satiereal has the potential to reduce snacking by up to 50%.

There is absolutely no doubt that saffron is a very special spice that has impressive properties beneficial to health and well-being.

Research suggests it may have a role in inhibiting the growth of tumours, heart disease, depression, insomnia and may help to prevent degeneration of the retina.

Some studies have shown that Saffron extract can elevate levels of serotonin in the brain which lifts your mood and also affects the appetite.

Saffron Extract select bottleThose who have taken a Saffron supplement have reported that they experience less cravings for sugary foods and has helped prevent overeating.

However, to experience these positive effects a good quality saffron supplement should cost no more than $60, much less than the monthly cost of reducta gum ($169 for the gum & tablets)

One recommended choice is Saffron Extract Select which features an effective dosage of this ingredient (88mg) with no extra binders, fillers or added ingredients.

Click here to learn more about Saffron Extract Select

Unfortunately, there is no information included on the Reducta website to suggest the quantity of saffron included in Reducta chewing gum, which makes it impossible to assess the benefits of this ingredient within the product.



Reducta chewing gum also contains Sorbitol (again, the precise quantity is not given on the website). This is an artificial sweetener widely contained in sugar-free gums, low calorie drinks and sweets.

Whilst Sorbitol enables manufacturers to produce sweet-tasting calorie-free products, there are some concerns about its use.

It has the potential to cause severe gastro-intestinal problems, including diarrhoea and abdominal pain. The recommended maximum daily dose of Sorbitol is 50g: without knowing how much Sorbitol is contained in each piece of Reducta chewing gum, it is not possible to advise how many pieces of gum can be consumed without potential side effects.

What are the customers saying about it?

The website includes the typically seen glowing testimonials from apparently satisfied customers, though there is, of course, no way of knowing whether these are genuine or the extent to which the manufacturer has filtered out the negative feedback.

Customer reviews on other sites are very mixed, some people have clearly benefitted from using this product, though many reviewers claim Reducta is no more effective than regular gum, and significantly more expensive.


Where can I buy Reducta chewing gum, and what will it cost?

Reducta is widely available, both through the website and from independent retailers, including Amazon. On the manufacturer’s website, the gum retails at $23.45 for 30 pieces. It is recommended that the gum be used alongside Reducta diet tablets, and tablets cost $49.99 for 40 tablets (20 days’ supply).

A month’s supply of Reducta tablets and gum would cost around $169, even for those customers who are able to restrict their use of the gum to just four sticks each day. For those who require more, they may need to consider a second mortgage!

Adverse side effects

Very few side effects have been reported for this product, though users of Reducta should note the possible adverse effects of Sorbitol overdose.


  • Chewing gum may well help to reduce the temptation to snack between meals.
  • Saffron is a spice which has huge health benefits.
  • Few adverse side effects have been reported.


  • This product is very expensive, probably because saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.
  • The manufacturer’s website includes no details on either product research or quantities of ingredients.
  • Possible side effects from excessive consumption

Is it worth buying?reducta-chewing-gum box

Based upon a lack of scientific evidence proving the benefits of this product, the manufacturer’s failure to state precise quantities of ingredients, and the very high cost, this product is hard to really recommend.

According to a significant number of customers who have purchased and used the product, precisely the same benefits could have been achieved through chewing regular sugar-free gum.

Other Alternatives to Reducta

There are plenty of supplements which claim to suppress appetite, but unfortunately very few which can actually deliver.

We recently looked at three of the most promising brands in our appetite suppressant guide –

Click here to see the best appetite suppressants

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3 comments on “Reducta chewing gum review, does it work?
  1. M Steele says:

    I purchased this product – 2 boxes.
    Save your money. It’s worthless and did not have nay effect at all. You’re probably better off just buying regular sugarless gum. There is no scientific or independent clinical evidence to support any of the claims made by the manufacturer of this product.

  2. Karen Richards says:

    Yes it works, but just be careful not to get constipated either from gum or less food. I still ate but ate the normal amount. Helps a lot if you are an over-eater.

  3. Jane says:

    Purchased this today and I like it. It tastes weird and is possibly a placebo but it works for me. I would not recommend others waste their money. This product is hardly proven.

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