Reducta Hunger Reduction tablets, complaints and customer reviews

Do Reducta Hunger Reduction tablets work?

Reducta-Hunger-Reduction-tabletsReducta Hunger Reduction tablets are designed, as the title suggests, purely to reduce hunger. Manufactured by Neuropathica, and available without prescription, the tablet is said to be organic, stimulant-free and “scientifically formulated”.

Are the ingredients effective?

The one active ingredient is Caralluma fimbriata, which is extracted from an edible cactus that grows in India, Africa and parts of Europe.

The manufacturer’s website describes the traditional usage of this cactus in its natural environment: apparently tribesmen would eat the cactus whilst out hunting to suppress the appetite for long periods.

Caralluma fimbriata shows potential in clinical trials

ingredients-CarallumaIn terms of weight-loss, Caralluma fimbriata is a promising ingredient which has been subjected to limited clinical trials. In a human study conducted in India, half the participants were given 1g of Caralluma extract for 60 days whilst the remainder took a placebo.

Both groups were advised about healthy eating and exercise. At the end of the 60 days, waist circumference and hunger levels had declined significantly in the group taking Caralluma extract compared to the placebo group.

Whilst the research is very promising, more human clinical trials need to be conducted before Caralluma fimbriata can be heralded as a magic cure for obesity, since most other studies to date have been on animals. More research needs to be carried out to determine optimum dosage, and to ensure that long-term use of the extract will not produce adverse side effects.

Have there been any complaints against the product?

woman with pills (2)Neuropathica claims the product was scientifically formulated, so perhaps the gaps in the published scientific results can be answered by the manufacturer? Well if they have scientific evidence, they are not sharing it!

One possible reason for being reserved in terms of advertising may relate to a finding by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Advertising Complaints Resolution Panel that the advertising claims in relation to Reducta breached a number of Australian laws.

The panel’s view of the study cited above, and relied on by way of defence, was that it was “of doubtful relevance to Australian consumers”, and that it failed to demonstrate “significant benefits on key objective measures including body weight, BMI, hip circumference or body fat”.

The panel concluded that the scientific research supported only the claim that the product was an effective appetite suppressant, but did not prove the link between appetite suppression and weight loss.

Are these tablets safe?

reducta-websiteThe product’s website tells us absolutely nothing about the scientific process behind this product’s formulation.

It does tell us that each Reducta tablet contains a whopping 6g of caralluma fimbriata extract, ie six times more than the participants in the Indian trial were given each day.

At the recommended dosage of two tablets per day means that users of Reducta will be taking twelve times more of this ingredient than participants in the promising clinical trial.

That is worrying: if results were effective using 1g per day, and no adverse side effects were reported, wouldn’t it be more sensible for manufacturers to adopt the dosage that has been clinically tested rather than producing a product with 12 times more? Whilst this ingredient appears to be free of adverse side effects at 1g per day, there could well be health risks at 12g per day.

Other products by the same manufacturer

Neuropathica also produces a hunger reduction chewing gum, the active ingredient of which is extract of Saffron. Again, the sole claim for this product is that it suppresses appetite. Interestingly, customers are advised to use the gum alongside the tablets. If each product is as effective in reducing hunger as the manufacturer claims, surely customers really don’t need to take both?

What do the customers say about Reducta Hunger Reduction tablets?

The manufacturer’s website includes only ‘testimonials’ from customers who have used Reducta chewing gum. Whilst little weight can be placed upon this form of testimonial, the absence of customer feedback on the tablets is interesting.

Genuine customer feedback on independent sites is very mixed: some people have achieved dieting success and attribute this, at least in part, to Reducta Hunger Reduction tablets; similar numbers of customers claimed the product did nothing to reduce hunger and claimed their purchase had been a total waste of money.


BulletGreenTick  Caralluma fimbriata extract has potential as a useful appetite suppressant.


BulletRedCross More clinical trials need to be conducted on Caralluma fimbriata to prove the link between appetite suppression and weight loss, and to determine the optimum dosage.

BulletRedCross The manufacturer’s website provides no information on the science behind the formulation of this product.

BulletRedCross The recommended dosage is 12 times greater than the dosage given to participants in clinical trials.

Where to buy Ruducta Hunger Reduction tablets – stockists?

Available from a number of online stores priced at around $49.99 for 40 tablets (20 days’ supply).

Reducta-Hunger-ReductionDo we recommend it?
Our Rating : 2 stars2/5

Whilst the active ingredient has been shown to have potential as an effective appetite suppressant, more research is needed to prove the link between suppression of appetite and weight loss, and to determine the appropriate dosage.

In the meantime, this product remains scientifically unproven as a weight-loss tool, and on that basis, it is probably not worth the investment.

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2 comments on “Reducta Hunger Reduction tablets, complaints and customer reviews
  1. Tara White says:

    I have spent a few months at home and was eating out of boredom. I am in the normal weight range but have put on a couple kilos from snacking so frequently at the moment. I tried this product and I believe it’s just a placebo as I still am hungry and have the urge to snack. I really want my money back as it was expensive. Water is a better appetite suppressant

  2. Stephen Towler says:

    Reducta gum is an expensive confidence trick. Its appetite suppressant qualities are as effective as snake oil.
    I could have saved all that money and have more fragrant breath by chewing almost any other well known chewing gum.

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