Semtex review – the Jodie Marsh diet pills

What is Semtex?

semtex-diet-pillsSemtex is a thermogenic diet pill that is marketed and sold under Jodie Marsh’s Sports and Nutrition brand, JST.

UK Reality TV Star, Jodie Marsh, has been making headlines more recently thanks to her new found passion for body building and fitness. Under her new brand of sports and nutrition products, Semtex is being billed as an effective fat burner that supports your exercise and workout routine.

The Semtex formula uses a number of common fat burning ingredients, all of which are thermogenic, which means that they work on the body by increasing your metabolism with the production of heat.

Caffeine, Green Tea, Guarana, Capsicum and Cocoa are all included in the Semtex blend, and have all been tried and tested in numerous other diet pills over the year. The question is whether or not Semtex itself works as an effective slimming aid, or is it just another money waster?

Does Semtrex work?

The reality is that all of these ingredients have been clinically trialled in other forms and have all proven to have an effect on weight-loss, at the right doses. The problem with Semtex is that its particular blend doesn’t appear to have been clinically trialled, so there is no evidence to support the claims that it will work.


Most of these ingredients alone probably wouldn’t contribute a great deal to any substantial weight-loss, certainly not on their own anyway. Most of them, when included in other brand’s formulas, have been combined with ingredients that work on the body in other ways, such as appetite suppressants or fat binders.

The Semtex blend is in fact nothing but stimulants, which will almost definitely give you the energy you need to exercise in the short term, but may also cause some side effects thanks to the effects of the caffeine.

With regards to the customer reviews, while the official website lists a whole host of five star reviews from its so-called customers, it’s very likely that these are cherry picked. A quick search of the internet raises several other, not so positive, reviews from customers that claim they experienced little to no weight-loss and suffered from the side effects of the caffeine.

Pros and Cons

Positives: The ingredients are well known, well tested, and entirely natural; so that is a big plus. The problem is that that also carry the risk of side effects such as headaches, nausea, jitteriness, dizziness, insomnia and heart palpitation; none of which is mentioned on the official site.

Negatives: The lack of positive independent reviews is quite disappointing. While most people said they felt that had more energy, very few experienced any weight-loss as a result of taking the pills.


semtex-diet-pillsStandalone fat burners which contain a string of stimulants often do little to encourage any noticeable weight loss by themselves. They are also notorious for causing jittery side effects and can often leave users feeling ill when taken alongside a high caffeine intake.

Our best advice is to opt for supplements which work to encourage fat burning without stimulating the metabolism using caffeine, and that have some clinical evidence that they genuinely help you lose weight.

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