Slim Tone Plus

Is the “free” trial scam enough to put most Slim Tone Plus users off?

What is Slim Tone Plus?

slim-tone-plus-bottleSlim Tone Plus is a slimming programme which claims to affect weight loss of around 2.5 stone in two weeks, through taking a natural diet pill and using topical patches.

Available to order via an online store, the product is only available once you have signed up for a free trial, after thirty days you will be billed £75 for one month’s supply of pills and patches if you haven’t cancelled it.

Does Slim Tone Plus work?

There is very little evidence to suggest that Slim Tone Plus is an effective diet aid. The official website gives a basic outline of the proprietary blend of ingredients in the diet pill, but with no quantities it makes it hard to judge whether the ingredients are present in high enough doses to be effective.

There is virtually no information regarding the composition of the patches, or how they work. However what we do know is the supplement contains a blend of raspberry keratone, guarana, green tea and white kidney bean extract, bee pollen and citrus autrantium.

Unfortunately, although the official website says that Slim Tone Plus is ‘scientifically validated and clinically proven to burn fat,’ there is no information to support this statement, suggesting it is more hype than substance.

Customer Feedback

There is a deluge of negative feedback online about Slim Tone Plus, mainly relating to its unscrupulous marketing techniques.

woman-with-pillsTo order the product you have to sign up for a ‘free 14 day trial’ which turns out to be incredibly hard to cancel within the necessary 30 day period, so consumers everywhere are finding their credit cards have been charged the full £70 for a month’s supply of product.

The official website says ‘the 14 day trial period starts the same day as the purchase,’ which in itself is contradictory, as a free trial is not a purchase and should not be marketed as one.

Consumers complain the 30 days start from this initial sign up, and not the time they receive the product, so they are often told they are too late to cancel. There are also reports of customers finding it hard to get through to the company on the 0845 number, and there is no address either, both of which contravene certain parts of consumer protection laws relating to distance selling regulations.

This type of free trial scam would be illegal in the US, and the UK Office of Fair Trading is looking into such dubious means of selling. Unfortunately, all this negative feedback regarding the marketing overshadows any feedback relating to the effectiveness of the product as a diet aid.

Apart from a couple of testimonials on the official site citing rapid weight loss of around 9kg in one month, there is very little to suggest Slim Tone Plus will achieve the extreme weight loss it says it will.

Ingredients are known to aid weight loss, if present in high enough doses.
Blend of ingredients is not broken down to assess its effectiveness.
Patches are reported to be an irritant at best and dangerous at worst.
No clinical trial or endorsement to support the claims.
Very little feedback on effectiveness of product.
Official website uses a fake free trial scam which turns into an auto ship option if not cancelled in time, so the consumer is charged £75 a month for the product.
Contact details for the manufacturer are limited and hard to access, making cancellation of the trial difficult.

Is Slim Tone Plus Worth Buying?
Overall rating : (2/5)

slim-tone-plusThere are many diet supplements out there which market themselves in a professional, credible manner, with clear ingredients backed with clinical trials supporting their claims, and a straight forward method of purchasing. Unfortunately, Slim Tone Plus does not appear to be one of these.

Feedback suggests the manufacturers have set up bogus ‘news’ websites to endorse the product, and as the ‘free trial’ scam often means the consumer is charged for the product as they are unable to cancel in time, this does detract from any credibility the product might have as a diet aid.

At a high cost of £75 a month, for pills and patches, the latter of which there is very little information on safety and ingredients, Slim Tone Plus appears to be a rather unappealing choice of diet supplement until more evidence becomes available to suggest the contrary.

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