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Slim Weight Patch review, does it work?

What is the Slim Weight Patch?

slim weight boxThe latest innovation to arrive in the weight-loss world is the new generation of trans-dermal patches that have hit the market recently.

Most notably, the Slim Weight Patch has been getting quite a bit of media attention lately from the likes of American TV shows and networks, CNN, NBC and USA Today.

The weight-loss patch is designed, much like a nicotine replacement patch or birth control patch, to slowly release its ingredients directly into the blood stream in order for the body to absorb up to 95% of its ingredients and, in the case of the Slim Weight Patch, reduce cravings for sugar, increase overall metabolism and burn existing stored fat within the body.

Watch the Slim Weight Patch video below:

Is if effective?

The Slim Weight Patch contains a combination of ingredients;

green-tick woman-blank2Guarana – a stimulant that helps to speed up the metabolism.

green-tick Yerba Mate – a well known appetite suppressant.

green-tick Lecithin – a nutrient that is used for lowering cholesterol and accelerating metabolism.

green-tick 5-HTP – a natural antidepressant that also helps to suppress the appetite and combat emotional eating.

green-tick L-Carnitine – a substance responsible for turning fat into energy.

green-tick Zinc Pyruvate – used to help the break down of fatty acids in the body.

Buy Slim Weight Patch online from the official website

All of these ingredients have been clinically trialled and proven beneficial for weight-loss, so it’s reasonable to assume that the Slim Weight Patch would be highly effective for weight-loss; and according to online reviews, it is.

Customers that combined the Slim Weight Patch with exercise found they lost a considerable amount of weight over the recommended period of two to three months.

Is the Slim Weight Patch safe?

While the company’s official website doesn’t actually state whether or not the Slim Weight Patch is known for causing any side effects, none of the online independent reviews have reported anything nasty.

info3All of its ingredients have been clinically trialled not only for their effectiveness, but also for their safety, and have proven themselves safe for consumption.

There is no reason to believe that the Slim Weight Patch would cause any sort of reaction, but of course, in the unlikely event that you did experience any adverse side effects of using the product, the beauty of the trans-dermal patch is that you can simply take it off and let the symptoms subside far more quickly than waiting for a pill to work its way out of your system.

Is it worth it?

It certainly appears to be. The reviews are good, the science is sound and the price is not too bad either; especially with their current offer of buy 3 boxes, get 1 FREE – at just $119.85 AUD for a four month supply, the Slim Weight Patch is actually cheaper than most diet pills on the market.

Definitely worth checking out, especially if you find it hard to swallow pills or (like me) forget to take them!



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One comment on “Slim Weight Patch Australia
  1. julia chelugo says:

    hello I read about this product slim weight and I am interested in getting to i get it to Papua new guinea.I have added 6kg in the last six months.I need to give a trial but if there are people who have used it and it worked let me know.

    name J.C

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