Slimsticks weight loss aid – does it work?

What are Slimsticks?

SlimSticks-review3Slimsticks advertises itself as a weight management aid that helps reduce hunger pangs and makes you feel fuller for longer.

Each ‘Slimstick’ is dissolved in water to be drunk twice a day, before breakfast and your evening meal, in order to help you control your portion sizes and in turn, help you lose weight by keeping on the ‘dieting wagon’.

Inovate Health is the UK based company that are responsible for the Slimsticks brand and they have certainly made an effort to market these little drinks extremely well. The website is well thought out and offers plenty of information on dieting and nutrition, alongside its own product information.

info2Slimsticks are available in three flavours, Double Malt, Strawberry and Vanilla, and the company even markets its own range of porridges that contain the same so-called hunger reducing ingredients as the Slimsticks drinks themselves.

They are not actually designed to be a meal replacement, unlike other diet drinks on the market, instead, the combination on Konjac (Glucomannan), and Palm and Oat oils are designed to swell in your stomach, filling you up and helping you to control your portion size.

Do Slimsticks actually work?

blog-slimsticksInterestingly, there is very little in the way of information on whether or not Slimsticks actually work.

They have had some minor celebrity endorsement in the UK from reality TV star, Imogen Thomas, and have a few testimonials on the official site that appear to be fairly genuine, but there isn’t much more around with regards to independent customer reviews.


Looking closely at Slimsticks actual ingredients, there also isn’t really anything to get excited about. There are no metabolism boosting, fat burning, revolutionary ingredients in there, so these will in no way boost your energy or help burn of extra fat.

They will simply (if they are effective) fill you up so that you are more likely to stick to any diet or weight-loss programme that you are currently on. This would be all well and good if Slimsticks weren’t quite as expensive as they are; at £24.99 GBP for just 30 sticks (which is approximately two weeks worth), they are more pricey than most commercial weight loss supplements.

Are Slimsticks safe?

While there have actually been no clinical trials into Slimsticks and their safety, they are approved by the EFSA (The European Food Safety Authority) and the ingredients are all entirely natural.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that these drinks will cause any adverse reactions or nasty side effects. The company does point out on its site that if you drink too much fluid with Slimsticks you may feel uncomfortable, due to the swelling that takes place in the stomach, but other than that, there is no reason to believe the drinks are dangerous.


slimsticksBased on all the evidence, it’s tricky to recommend Slimsticks either way.

While the drinks are safe and will most likely help you stay on any healthy eating programme you are trying, they are not really a ‘weight-loss aid’ in the conventional sense.

Any weight-loss experienced would probably be minimal over a longer time period, and when you consider the price, it’s a judgement call as to whether or not Slimsticks are worth it.

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