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Does Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract really work?

green-coffee (2)Green coffee extract is a popular fat burner which has now replaced Green tea in terms of sales in recent years.

Its popularity is, at least in part, attributable to the growing volume of scientific evidence that green coffee acts as strong metabolic stimulant which can help burn more calories.

While there are numerous products available which feature this potent fat burner, the manufacturers of Svetol Green Coffee appear to have built upon the scientific evidence so far available, formulating a product which promises to be more effective and with fewer side effects than many of its competitors.

So what exactly is Svetol® Green Coffee?

Svetol-Green-Coffee-Bean-ExtractThis particular brand is produced from the Robusta variety of coffee bean. The bean has not been subjected to any roasting (as seen with traditional coffee), which preserves the impressively high levels of chlorogenic acid (50%, or 90mg in each pill).

Svetol uniquely claims to use decaffeinated beans, containing virtually no caffeine (less than 2%), and boasts higher levels of anti-oxidant properties than many other competitors.

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Will it help me lose weight?

The science behind Green Coffee extract as a weight loss tool is uncertain, though the most commonly held theory is that the high level of chlorogenic acid helps to prevent carbohydrate uptake from the intestines following eating.

Three studies investigating the effectiveness of green coffee extract on weight loss, were double-blind, placebo controlled studies which have scientific credibility.

Watch celebrity nutritionist and respected Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Lindsey Duncan, talk about the benefits of Green Coffee in the video below:

One study, which used relatively low levels of chlorogenic acid (140g each day), noted a beneficial reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, though little weight loss.

The other two studies however, which used higher levels of chlorogenic acid (440-700g each day), both found significantly greater weight loss in participants taking green coffee extract as compared with the placebo groups.

The latest study, published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal in January 2012, reported an average weight loss of 18lb over 12 weeks, together with a 4.4% loss in total body fat.

Positive results reported from Green Coffee Bean extract Study

green-coffee-studyResearch reported on Svetol’s website, conducted by Naturex, in conjunction with INRA (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research) tested the bio availability of chlorogenic acids found in Svetol®, as well as its effectiveness.

Both parts of the study produced positive results, and concluded that “it is capable of significantly reducing BMI” and is effective in breaking down lipid (fat) reserves. Over 60 days, participants using Svetol® had lost an average 11 lbs (5.7% of their body weight).

How does Svetol compare to other Green coffee brands?

The proportion of chlorogenic acid in each tablet is 50%; the average in other brands is around 20%. Since chlorogenic acid is what gives green coffee its weight-loss properties, the higher proportion in Svetol® is likely to produce more substantial weight loss results.

Svetol® contains less than 2% caffeine; the product is made from decaffeinated beans and is therefore not designed as a stimulant, as are some other brands, and will not cause the side effects attributable to caffeine. It is wheat and gluten free, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Are there any side effects?

Participants in the clinical studies above reported no side effects from taking Green coffee extract over a number of weeks. The most commonly reported side effects relate to the presence of caffeine in some brands of Green coffee.

Since Svetol® is made from decaffeinated beans, even these relatively minor side effects should be avoided with this product. As with other dietary products, this supplement should not be used by children, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

In conclusion

svetol-green-coffee-bottlesThe scientific evidence that green coffee extract can aid weight loss, as well as providing other health benefits, continues to gain strength.

As with any dietary aid, Svetol® Green coffee is not a ‘magic’ slimming pill, but used sensibly, as part of a diet and fitness programme, this product can provide valuable support in achieving that target weight.

This is a product which has been scientifically proven to be effective; just as importantly, it seems that Svetol Green Coffee avoids the often harsh side-effects seen with typical fat burning supplements, thanks to its low caffeine formula.

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