Unbiased Adipexin review

Adipexin review – does it actually work?

What is it?

adipexinAdipexin has been on the diet pill market for several years now, claiming to help you lose weight effectively by burning fat, boosting metabolism and suppressing the appetite.

The company claims that Adipexin uses only clinically proven, patent pending ingredients, the key to its formula being something which is labelled Irvingia Gabonensis.

While this does have the appeal of sounding very new and revolutionary; it is in fact simply the Latin name for African Mango, a very well known substance in the diet-pill world.

Adipexin is manufactured in the USA and is currently only available online, however, the company offers international shipping, free of charge if you purchase over a certain amount.

Does it Adipexin work?

Adipexin definitely seems to like the “more is better” philosophy when it comes to its ingredients. The list of ‘patented’ and ‘patent pending’ substances that make up a single Adipexin pill is lengthy, and it’s difficult to see exactly how much of each one they can really fit into each tiny capsule.

What’s more, each and every one of these ingredients is branded as something else. The trick with this type of marketing is to make you believe they have something to offer that other companies don’t. It is in fact, very misleading.

We’ve already established that Irvingia Gabonensis is simply African Mango, but here are a few of Adipexin’s other ingredients;

bullet (3)  Razberi-K is another name for a brand of Raspberry Ketones.
bullet (3)  Chromax, an already very well known ingredient in plenty of diet pills.
bullet (3)  Thermodiamine is an isolated alkaloid that acts in the same way on the body as Capsaicin.
bullet (3)  Wakame Seaweed is exactly that, seaweed.
bullet (3)  Lipolide SC is actually an extract of Clary Sage (a well known herbal supplement that boosts the immune system but has very little evidence to say it supports weight loss).

While the company suggests that new evidence claims seaweed can boost the metabolism, it does not link to any such research or offer any further information. The last few ingredients are BioPerine, which is simply, black pepper extract and, finally, caffeine.

None of these ingredients really have anything revolutionary or exciting about them; they are all fairly common, or under-researched.

Not only that, but Adipexin actually lists this formula as a proprietary blend, so there is no way of knowing how much of any of them are in each capsule, and in actual fact, a large proportion of a single capsule of Adipexin appears to be Vitamin B12; a very valuable supplement, of course, but one that will have little to no effect on the fat-burning ability of your body.

Is it worth buying?

woman with adipexin pillsOn first appearances, Adipexin looks like a very reputable, no frills diet pill. The packaging is deliberately made to look quite clinical, suggesting the company’s professionalism, but unfortunately, that is about as far as it goes.

The website actually has very limited information on it, other than some cherry-picked reviews and the arms-length list of ingredients.

The company does offer a money back guarantee, but tread carefully; this is a notorious ploy to get customers to inadvertently sign up to a monthly direct debit that begins as soon as you place the order. In conclusion, far more information is needed on whether Adipexin can live up to its promises.

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