XLS Medical diet pills, do they work

What is XLS Medical Fat Binder?

XLS medical diet pillsXLS Medical is an over-the-counter dietary aid, which is marketed as a natural ‘fat binder’. It uses the ever popular active ingredient Litramine, to prevent some of the fat in your regular meals from being absorbed by the body.

Litramine itself is used in several other diet pills and is also more commonly known as Opuntia Ficus Indica (or prickly pear extract).

It is essentially a substance that comes from a breed of cactus and has been known to help weight-loss, by literally ‘sticking’ to the undigested dietary fats in your stomach and allowing your body to pass them naturally.

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Is XLS Medical fat binder effective?


The official XLS Medical website

Fat binders, and Litramine specifically, work by producing soluble and insoluble fibres within the stomach.

The soluble fibres are there to slow down digestion and help to control blood sugar levels and glucose intake, while the insoluble fibres attach themselves to excess dietary fats.

This makes them too large for the body to absorb. Litramine itself is said to bind up to 27% of dietary fats.

Litramine has in fact been subjected to clinical trials and testing, and the official website for XLS Medical does link to one of the studies conducted and its results.

info3The XLS Medical’s chief claim is that it helps you lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone, although it’s not especially clear how the company has come to this conclusion; the official study that is detailed on the site is one for Litramine specifically, not XLS Medical itself.

What are the customers saying?

Unfortunately, while the official site has a very attractive looking ‘Success Stories’ page that features a few cherry picked reviews from its customers, a quick search online shows a very different story.

XLS Medical customer reviews

Independent reviews of XLS Medical are a little disappointing, most of the accounts from customers that can be found on the internet report very little difference in weight at all, at least no more than you would expect from a calorie controlled diet and exercise.

XLS Medical appears to making some pretty bold claims that, as yet, have not been backed up by its customers.


BulletGreenTick Litramine is a clinically proven fat binder and the XLS Medical site does contain all the information you might need to make a decision based on scientific research alone.

BulletGreenTick There appear to be no ‘hard-sell’ gimmicks, such as money back guarantees or free trial offers and the pills are readily available at well-known retailers.


BulletRedCross While the XLS Medical official website is very impressive on the surface, while digging around for more information we noticed that it doesn’t infact offer a definitive list of ingredients anywhere.

BulletRedCross There is no quantity breakdown and no information whatsoever on any fillers or bulkers that may or may not be included in each tablet.

BulletRedCross We also noticed that the site is a little vague about the potential side effects of taking XLS Medical. Avoiding the question rather by saying that the pill has passed rigorous safety tests and is ‘very well tolerated’. While it may be true that XLS Medical has been proven to be safe to consume, it doesn’t really answer the question.

In truth, any fat binder can potentially cause some quite nasty side effects, particularly for those with a high fat diet. Since the excess dietary fats are passed through the body, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and bloating are all considered common with this type of diet pill.

Is it worth buying?

xls medicalWhile the evidence supports the use of XLS Medical as a dietary fat binder and weight-loss pill, the lack of detailed information regarding ingredients and potential side effects is certainly off-putting.

Add to that the lack of positive feedback from customers and XLS Medical is looking less and less like a promising option for dieters. We would suggest passing on this particular brand for the time being.

Alternatives worth considering

Proactolplusblank7Many prescription-free fat binders work by using the same ingredient – namely prickly pear extract.

While there is plenty of evidence to support that this natural compound can help bind fat and reduce calorie intake, it is important to remember not all products are the same.

Proactol Plus is generally the most purchased supplement in this category, with a long established customer base being sold since early 2000. Unlike a lot of new brands on the scene, it has stood the test of time and is still one of the cheapest fat binders available. The 6 month money back guarantee means this particular product remains a best seller.

Read more about Proactol Plus here

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