Zantrex 3

Zantrex-3 review – Is it really America’s
hottest selling diet pill?

What is Zantrex-3?

zantrexZantrex-3 claims to be America’s ‘hottest selling diet pill’, amid mass media attention and bold statements that include ‘546% more weight loss than the leading ephedrine based diet pill’ and that the pill is ‘Way beyond everything on the market today’.

But, like with everything else, we want to know why? And most importantly, does it actually work?

The company says that Zantrex-3 can promote rapid weight loss with the added bonus of extreme energy; the problem is, we don’t know how – and Zantrex-3 doesn’t appear to be willing to tell us.

The website is very flashy, and appears on the face of it to be everything you would expect from a high-profile diet pill, but there isn’t actually any hard evidence anywhere to be seen.

Watch the Zantrex 3 fat burner commercial below:

Is this dietary supplement effective?

With no ingredients list, no proprietary blend information and no sign whatsoever as to what Zantrex-3 actually is and how it works, it’s very hard to say whether or not the pill could be effective.

What we do know however, is that customers online all say very positive things about its weight loss benefits, and most customers that have reviewed the brand have good things to say.

warningUnfortunately, there is no clinical trial information on the website either, which means that the pill hasn’t yet proven itself to the experts.

Is Zantrex 3 safe?

woman pills (2)Once again, very hard to say either way; without knowing what is in a Zantrex-3 pill we can’t really assess its safety as a drug or supplement.

Customers that have taken the pill have mentioned side effects, such as dizziness, jitteriness, disturbed sleep and headaches; which we would expect to see from a high-caffeine based drug.

If this is the case, then these symptoms can normally remedied by avoiding other caffeine based substances such as coffee.

Certainly no one has reported anything particularly worrying with regards to adverse reactions, but with the company giving so little away, we can’t be certain that there wont be. The website does state very clearly that the drug has not yet been assessed by the FDA (the American Food and Drug Authority) but that’s not to say that it wont be in the future.



Reality TV Star Snooki has been pictured with Zantrex-3

There’s very little to go on when it comes to Zantrex-3. Given the company’s bold claims and even bolder promotional material, you would expect a little more information on such a so-called powerful drug.

It’s sister-supplement, Zantrex-3 Fat Burner has got some celebrity endorsement from US Reality TV Star, Snookie, after she tweeted a picture of herself with the infamous red bottle clearly in shot, but other than that, it’s all a bit unclear.

One good thing the brand has in its favour is the positive reviews from customers; Zantrex-3 may well be the powerful weight loss aid that it claims to be if these are anything to go by, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend buying a diet pill without so much as a definitive list of its ingredients.

Our advice on Zantrex-3 is to wait it out and hope that the company comes forward with some more information before spending your hard earned cash on this particular drug.

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One comment on “Zantrex 3
  1. Jazmin says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I love Zantrex-3 (red). I’ve tried soooo many other diet pills and Zantrex has been the only supplement to help me lose the weight.

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